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Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

You’ve made your way around campus and are used to your course schedule, but now you’re in between classes wondering where to hang out. Well, you’re in luck because here are the best places to hang out at Western Michigan University.

The fountain in front of Miller Auditorium

There’s something about sitting by this fountain that’s relaxing and perfect for those days that you need to unwind, or zone out in between classes. The sound of the water crashing down is just as calming as sitting on a beach. It’s also especially nice on warmer days because if you close your eyes, the wind on the water feels like you’re at a beach.

Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

The flagpoles between Wood Hall and Sangren Hall

This is a popular spot on campus for RSOs, fraternity, and sororities to host fundraisers, and for protesters to take a stand for what they believe in. If you like being part of all the action, this is the perfect place for you to hang out at Western Michigan University! You’ll be up to date on all of the happenings on campus and in the community.

Sit by the Valley Pond

The Valley Pond is newly renovated and bigger than it was in the past, making a great place at Western Michigan University to sit and think, or even listen to music and take some quiet time for yourself and away from your roommates. I loved sitting by the pond because it’s quiet and peaceful – two things that college life can really lack.

Visit Waldo Library

If you prefer to be inside, go to Waldo Library. At some point, while you’re at Western Michigan University, you might need to a place where you can work on assignments and really focus – what place better than a library? Multiple levels, multiple spots on each floor to sit down and get to work, and it’s even a great place to meet for group projects.

Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

The cafe in Sprau Tower

Though it’s not super spacious, it’s a great place to meet friends between class, grab a snack and catch up on the latest things happening in each other’s lives. It feels kind of like a food court, and if the seats are taken inside, there are also tables outside.

The top floor in Sprau Tower

If you want to go somewhere with a view of almost all of Western Michigan University’s main campus, the top floor of Sprau is the place to go. This place is kind of a hidden gem on campus if you want somewhere that has less traffic than other places at Western Michigan University.

The Bronco Mall in the basement of Bernhard

If you like subway or Bigby, and you’ve visited either of those places on campus, chances are you’ve been to the Bronco Mall at Western Michigan University. With large tables and outlets throughout, it’s a great place for groups to meet for projects, or fraternity, sorority, or RSO planning sessions. It’s also a great place to get to meet for a drink or bite to eat if/when you need something on campus that’s not dining hall food.

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Best Places Hang Out At Western Michigan University

The 2nd-floor lobby/cafe in Sangren Hall

A mix between the seating in the Bronco Mall and a dining hall, the second floor of Sangren is another great place at Western Michigan University to hang out with friends, work on group projects, get some solo homework done or grab a bite to eat.

One of the cubby spots in Sangren

If you walk around the first floor of Sangren, you’re bound to see these booths and seating areas throughout. These spots are perfect for finishing up assignments between classes.

Check out the Valley Dining Hall – it’s new – or any dining hall

If you have a meal plan, an easy place to go hang out at Western Michigan University is a dining hall. Whether it’s the new Valley Dining Center or any other dining hall on campus, there’s nothing better than grabbing something to eat with your friends. Dining halls are also easy places to meet new people, so if you’re looking to make friends, there will always be a fair amount of people at any dining hall on campus.

 Where ever your RSO meets

I spent a lot of time in the Western Herald office while I was at Western Michigan University. It was a room where no matter who came in, we had at least one thing in common – we all were passionate about writing. So if you’re in an RSO, hang out wherever it meets. You’ll be comfortable and get to know the other members much better.

There are so many other places at Western Michigan University to hang out aside from what I named. Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? Let me know in the comments!

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