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10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At James Madison University

10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At James Madison University

So work hard, play hard, and cry harder. I’m going to let you in on a few secret places where it may or may not be acceptable to let the feels out at UCLA.

There are many times in college when, as stated in the title, you just can’t anymore. Whether it is schoolwork, roommates, missing home, etc. there are so many times in your college career (and probably per day) that you literally just can’t anymore. For these moments, here are the 10 best places to cry at James Madison University:

1. In a cubby at ECL

Because lets face it, if you’re at ECL you’re probably sad. And it is a judgement free zone because 99% of the other students there feel your pain and might also be crying in their own individual cubbies.

2. In a booth of SSC

Because you can kind of hide yourself while also being surrounded by many great food options (Dunkin, Bistro) to soothe your pain.


3. In E-hall

When you’re at brunch at 2 pm on a Sunday morning and the sunday scaries hit and you’ve got a hell of a week that you definitely didn’t prepare for and some regrets from the weekend that your friends are recapping you on.


4. At the printing station in carrier

Because you have a paper due in ten minutes that you tried to print at home but ran out of ink that very moment and had to sprint to carrier before class and wait in line forever with tears in your eyes as you wait to print an essay you will probably get a C on anyway.


5. In UREC

While you’re trying to decide if you are going to force yourself to work out or just give up and get a rice bowl for dinner and call it a day.

6. Outside of a random room in ISAT

Because you haven’t done any passports for Health 100 yet and they’re due this week and you tried to go to one but there was too many people and you don’t get let in and you realize you’re going to fail Health 100.

7. In the shower of your dorm room

Because that’s literally the only alone time you ever get freshmen year away from your roommate.

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8. In Forrest

Because you realize you got way too drunk and just want chanellos and your bed and a frat boy spilt his beer all over you and you can’t find a ride home.


9. At any bus stop on or off campus

Because literally none of the buses ever come on time when you need them to.

10. In your bed

Because its 3 am and you have an 8 am but you NEED to watch one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Where are your favorite places to cry at James Madison University? Comment below!
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