10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At Arizona State University

If you can’t handle college anymore, these are the places to cry at Arizona State University. This may be relatable or new information to ASU students.

1. The MU

Nothing says quiet and desolate for crying in public like the MU.

2. In the middle of the sidewalk

People love it when they can hear you wail right in the middle of their way. Stopping dead in your tracks also envelops an air of sympathy around you.

3. Hayden Library

Nothing says peace and quiet like a person balling their eyes out right smack dab in the middle of study hours.

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4. One of the many Starbucks locations

Everyone who loves Starbucks and coffee also loves the annoying whine and stream of tears pooling around your face. Why not make it a double whammy and cry in the MU Starbucks!

5. In the middle of class

Preferably a large lecture hall, people who are trying to learn love a good distraction.

6. Under a palm on palm walk

The most walked route of ASU loves a little music to carry the masses through the day, why not make it the whistle of your nose and heavy cry.

7. For a light weep try Dominos

The Dominos right across from Vista loves the presence of gentle weepers, it keeps them sane.

8. If you are having a full blown cry meltdown PV Beach is the place to go

You have a full circular grassy (sometimes) region to roll around and sulk. Probably the best option so far.

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9. When in doubt, try the dining halls, any and all of them

People love the disturbing sounds of sadness as they catch a bite to eat.

10. Lastly, if you are having a rough day and need to cry, cry wherever you are comfortable

Nobody can control your emotions and if you need to be outside to cool off then do it! Walking and thinking is always a good option!

Know any other places to cry at Arizona State University? Comment below!
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Alyssa Bailey

A Junior at Arizona State University Tempe Campus Pursuing a degree in Geological Sciences. She loves to hike, paint, and explore new places.