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Best Pizza Places in the PNW

Best Pizza Places in the PNW

For most, pizza is considered the ultimate comfort food. The combination of the warm, gooey mozzarella on a bed of tomato sauce can take you one bite closer to your own personal heaven. From Chicago style to Detroit and New York, even the places you see in the Pacific Northwest can drive their love and passion for a good tasting pie as if you’re in the area from where it originates. These are the best places in the PNW to snag that good slice of pizza.

Pagliacci Pizza

Definitely, one of my personal favorites, as I was born a local to this joint, they’re one to provide what they inspire to be: a nice place with simply good pizza. Plain and simple. Before long, it became “this odd place where the customers and the employees lobbied incessantly on behalf of what they said was the “soul” or the “personality” of the place.” Thinking about the mountains that help make Washington, they were one of the first restaurants “to work with Cedar Grove Composting and the local public utilities departments to help develop their commercial composting program. I guess you could say that we were one of their guinea pigs. We have extended our kitchen composting practices to our dining rooms. One of our goals is to make sure that all of our food containers and packaging are either recyclable or compostable. We are happy to say we are almost there.”

Zeeks Pizza

Another local favorite, it didn’t take long for Zeeks to expand “to a Seattle and Northwest institution. Every day, we still abide by the following mantra: Real Food Made With Real Love Results in Real Flavor.” It began with the co-owners sharing an office space with the band known as Pearl Jam “and got down to opening three more restaurants and turning Zeeks into a real business. Today, Zeeks has 17 locations and a thriving franchise business. It is poised to expand beyond the borders of its hometown of Seattle and bring handcrafted goodness and local beer to the West Coast and beyond.”


Mod Pizza

The inspiration for this next quick-and-easy place is simply taking care of their people. If you can’t take care of the people who help make and serve the pizza, then they can’t take care of the people enjoying it. They call it “spreading MODness, and after opening stores across the U.S. and U.K., we think it’s working. By putting people first, we strive to be a force for positive change in their lives and the communities they serve. From above-industry pay and benefits to hiring people with special needs – including people in need of a second chance – our ethos is deeply rooted in acceptance, opportunity, and development. The result? An amazing spirit of individuality, teamwork, and service has emerged. It’s our culture of doing good – and it’s catching on.”

Sizzle Pie

With several other locations having marked their spot in the PNW, this East Coast styled place is considered by many “Portland’s best pizza, Portland’s best slice, and a favorite Portland pizza spot, and have been consistently ranked in the top 10 independent pizzerias in the country. Whether it’s a lunchtime snack or a late-night feast, 365 days a year you’re invited to drop your worries at the door and join us for a pizza party you’ll never forget.” With a passion for the pies that are created, their “enthusiasm, exuberance and drive for perfection will resonate with pizza lovers everywhere we go.“

Best Pizza Places in the PNW


La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

If you happen to visit the town of Bellingham, which I highly recommend, then this next joint is one that’s hard to miss.“showered with acclaim, winning the Best New Business and Bellingham’s Best Pizza awards, as well as garnering two Best Recipe awards in the National Association of Pizza Operators (NAPO) International Recipe Contest. But stellar pizza isn’t the only reason to visit La Fiamma. The stylish décor and vibrant atmosphere delight and entice both young and old and everyone in between. You can witness the display of a pizza’s progression through the kitchen (kids love it), or you can relax in our heated outdoor dining area, and catch an amazing sunset over the San Juan Islands. The La Fiamma experience is always a fusion of personality, ambiance, and incredible food.”

Windy City Pie

This next PNW based joint is so deep into the Chicago-style roots that they’ve split their deep-dish pies into three sub-groups: Traditional, Pan, and Stuffed. And they’re not looking to copy this particular style of pizza, but to be “inspired by the spongier, sweeter crust of Papa Del’s and the caramelized (well… it’s technically Maillard browned) cheese edge and balance of Burt Katz’s Pequod’s and Burt’s Place. We offer a Chicago-style pizza that looks to new ingredients and techniques while respecting its traditions.”

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Best Pizza Places in the PNW

Abby’s Legendary Pizza

Normally, the bigger metropolitans in the Pacific Northwest see the pies that are considered the most legendary. This is a great place to check out if you happen to visit the more central parts of Washington and Oregon. By 1965, the business of Abby’s “mushroomed” seven locations total, “each built around a simple, successful formula: create a friendly, family atmosphere. Maintain the highest operating standards. And serve great pizza. By 1997, Abby’s Legendary Pizza locations could be found from Wenatchee, Washington to Medford, Oregon. Today, there are 35 Abby’s locations serving hungry pizza customers throughout Washington and Oregon.”

Best Pizza Places in the PNW


Mi Famiglia Wood Oven Pizzeria

The great thing about a family-owned joint like this one, the love a family has for one another can really show in their product. And, this one is no different. Set in Oregon City, you’re guaranteed to see “extraordinary food, all made from scratch, at a fair price.  We never have specials or coupons, because we want you to be able to expect the same value every time you visit. We are proud of what we have contributed to downtown Oregon City, of our product, and the experience we provide.”

Do these pizza places give the taste of the Pacific Northwest you’re looking for? Let me know in the comments below!

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