The 5 Best Pizza Places In New Brunswick For Rutger Students

The best pizza places in New Brunswick aren’t messing around. At Rutgers, there are many places to eat and the most common specialty everybody likes is pizza. The sauce, the chewy dough, the mozzarella, just the smell of that Italian goodness can put all that midterm stress at ease. However, you won’t get that tasty delight anywhere. In fact, if you’re not careful, you could end up eating a piece of cardboard dipped in oil topped with cheap expired tomato sauce and stale cheese. For example, I had a really bad unprofessional professor who had “office hours” at Sbarro’s pizza at Livingston. Of course, he did jack to help students, but I saw other kids wolfing down slices. Just by looking at it, the texture reminded me of Chucky Cheeses. I’ve had Sbarro’s at another mall in Jersey shore, and it was okay, but what they serve on Livingston is something else. I didn’t even want to try it, especially when you see the prices. But good ones do exist in the city, so without further delay, here are the top 5 pizza places in New Brunswick I recommend for getting the most bang for your buck – (Keep in mind, I really like margarita pizza).

1. Douglas Pizza

Soggy slices, but not bad. The mushrooms were bland, but the spinach was alright. The guys there were typical old-style Italians which you’ll get used to living in Jersey. Located near Rockoff Hall, the death trap for international students. The slices are big and the prices were fair, so if you’re looking for the best money saving place, this is it. Pros: large slices, good value. Cons: service was eh, slices kind of soggy, but still descent

2. College Ave Pizza

Their margarita pizza stands out from everything else. The rest is just like any other place, but the prices won’t make you happy. After all, it is affiliated with Rutgers! Still, if you’re in a jam, get the margarita, it has the power to melt your stress away. After all, pizza is the solution to war. Pros: tastier pizza, pleasant young workers, pizza will end war and bring world peace. Cons: can be overcrowded and a little slow at times as a result. This is one of the best pizza places in New Brunswick.

3. Krispy’s

Like College Ave, their margarita slices are good, but even more pricey! Their margarita and regular slices are big, taste fresh, and the value is better. I think the place runs well, because it’s the only place at that strip and maybe the girls like the young Italian bros working there. They do have hot sandwiches and other good dishes and the service is friendly and quick. If you’re going to eat there, get the margarita pizza, that is the good one and while a little more expensive than College Ave, I’d say it’s worth it. Wouldn’t get the grandma though. I once ordered a grandma pie, and when I opened the box, some cheese came off one slice, revealing a cardboard like texture. Further examination proved it so, it looked like some kind of pre-made dough. The sauce and cheese were fine, but the dough was like cardboard. So I’d say stick with regular slices and margarita. Pros: good on campus location, margarita pizza is awesome and pretty big slices, good fast delivery and customer service. Cons: high prices, yikes!

4. Filippo’s Famous Pizza

When entering, my expectations were high due to their title. Their prices for margarita were very expensive, $4 per slice, but the pizza was really good. However, probably not something to be famous for. Whenever you see these places having such big titles, it begs the question, famous for what? There was also some weird homeless guy who fell off his seat the first time I went there (don’t ask). That’s a problem you’ll notice in the city thanks to liberalism and political correctness. Filippo’s sandwiches are good too, but the margarita was awesome and large. They also have some great deals online, for example, their Sicilian pie is $16 where others cost more. Fresh slices that taste good at a better price, at a better place that is quiet, secure, and that is large enough to accommodate many. Pros: nice guys with Italian accents, great location in the heart of the city, free delivery and large slices that taste fresh. Cons: some slices like margarita can be expensive.

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5. Brunswick Pizza

This is the best out of the bunch as I’ve eaten there the most. You get the best value for your buck. They have a 14′ margarita pie for only $8.99 which beats out paying top dollar anywhere else! The ziti and fries are good, and they have a lot of other dishes available for everyone. Sandwiches are standard, but the pizza itself is great. A little smaller compared to the others, but the pie is enough and fills you up. They use mozzarella cheese, basil, oregano, and olive oil, and the sauce tastes fresh. Crust isn’t too thick nor too thin, just right. Their delivery guys are cool too. I’d say stick with them. Pros: Best value hands down, and margarita pizza and garlic bread are great at an unbeatable price, can’t get enough! Cons: delivery charges sometimes gets annoying when you only want one thing, on few occasions they ran out of a ingredients, but they will replace it with something you like an no charge.

There you have it, five best pizza places in New Brunswick. Enjoy!

Let us know what you think about the best pizza places in New Brunswick in the comments below!
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