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5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

Pilates is one of my all-time favourite ways to work out my butt. Over time I’ve discovered some of the most intense, most reliable and simply the best pilates moves to really sculpt that butt into a bulbous, round bubble! These are moves you can do with limited space and no extra equipment (besides maybe a yoga mat). All you need is you, some time, and a quick burst of energy!

1. Cross Butt Lift

This article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Pop Pilates at least once. So why not first! I thank my lucky stars every day that I discovered Cassey Ho and her treasure trove of pilates moves. I’m doubly thankful that she introduced me to this amazing butt sculpting movement known as the Cross Butt Lift! This pilates move is a certified winner and will reliably attack your glutes every single time.

For an added bonus, you can try kicking your leg out instead of lifting- to make the Cross Butt Kick! It’s more intense and you look like a ninja doing it!

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

2. Pelvic Curl

The pelvic curl is a move with a slow burn. It’s much more subtle than other pilates moves, which means it needs more rep to really build up to that sweet point of intensity. But once you feel it- ohh man, you won’t stop feeling it until the day after tomorrow! Make sure you clench every time your butt reaches its highest point to really reach optimum intensity on this one!

Want more? Why not try lifting one leg as you go through this pilates move? With only one foot on the ground, things will start get a whole lot harder for you butt! Don’t forget to change legs if you want to get an even build in both cheeks!

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

3. Straight Leg Butt Lift

Pilates is all about using your own weight to build strength and sculpt your body, and there isn’t a pilates move that encapsulates that more than this one. The straight leg butt lift works by using the weight of your leg to really build on those glute and thigh muscles. Don’t worry if you can’t get your leg that high either, because it’s honestly not that important! Just make sure your foot is flexed so your heel is pointed at the ceiling to provide extra pressure, and you’ll have your very own bubble butt in no time!

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

4. The Clamshell

This pilates move is such a classic! And it’s lived this long for one good reason. It works. Really, really well! The clamshell was named after the way your legs open and close, much like a clam opening and closing its shell- making this move an absolute pearl! It might look and feel a little odd at first but after a short while, I guarantee you’ll be astounded by just how quickly this move hits you!

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Not satisfied? Why not try raising your feet off the ground and try this pilates move again. The additional role that gravity plays will make that ache all the sweeter!

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

5. Kneeling Side Leg Lift

This move has the added pressure of being a move done in side-plank position. That means you’ll get a little action in your abs as well as you lift your leg up and down. Take it as a little added bonus that makes this pilates move not only one of the best for getting that bubble butt shape, but also for targeting your core! It will only take a few reps for you to realise why this is one of the all-round best pilates moves for keeping up fitness, sculpting a sexy hourglass figure and moulding a big round bootay!

5 Best Pilates Moves For A Bubble Butt

Do you know any other great pilates moves to get a bubble butt? Tell me all about them in the comments below!

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