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The 5 Best Pieces Of Skincare Advice Your Doctor Will Give You

The skin is the largest organ on the human body, but why pay for an expensive checkup so that your doctor can refer you to yet another dermatologist? Acne keeps you busy enough throughout the year, this summer, try following some classic tips in order to keep your skin as healthy and happy as you want it. Check out these skincare tips you need to try!

1. Wear Sunscreen

This one had to be on here for obvious reasons. Sunscreen is your friend! It shouldn’t have to take Dove kicking your door down like the CIA with another commercial using a UV light in order to convince you that wearing sunscreen is for your own benefit. Really. It also doesn’t have to mean smearing on the cold and slimy stuff either, there are plenty of alternatives that can protect you from the rays, including a minute outside spent protecting your arms and legs with the spray-on kind.

If you’re worried about makeup, there are many lotions out there, many of which you could find at a convenience store, that are safe to apply before your makeup and will add a protective layer against the sun while you continue to pretend as though you have totally clear skin. It seems counter-intuitive, it might feel as though it will clog your pores, but no matter your complexion: Wear sunscreen. Avoid surgery and skin cancer, and if that isn’t good enough for you, think about all the wrinkles this will prevent down the road.

2. Wear Lotion

I’m aware that I am a part of the minority when I say that I hate lotion. It’s thick, greasy, and the fact that it reeks of fruity or flowery smell makes my dog follow me around and lick at my legs. The fact is, lotion is good for your body. It traps water in your body, which makes it the ideal moisturizer. During the winter months, (or all year for my Colorado friends out there),  your face, feet, and your hands need more moisturizer to prevent the air from drying them out.

The best time to apply it is after a shower, exfoliate, or shave when your skin is still slightly damp. The lotion will trap the moisture close to the skin and your skin will profit by figuring out how to get its act together and stop being dry. That’s science.

3. Easy On The Masks

Facemasks are fun, but they’re not necessarily the optimal method of skincare. They’re the same amount of helpfulness as, well, lotion. Sure, some of that promised Vitamin C will be helpful to your skin if you take the time to check out your mask’s ingredients, but understand that the promised fruits and colorful packages are more ways to lure you in as the consumer. If it promises to have as many berries in it as a Wendy’s salad, chances are that the redeeming, healthy properties aren’t particularly high. If you find it on the bottom shelf at Target for $3, chances are that the positive abilities aren’t particularly high.

See Also

Know that you get what you pay for and that research is the key when it comes to smearing stuff on your skin. If you like fun masks and you don’t care what’s in them, more power to you! Taking that hour on a Sunday night to rub new textures on your face is all in good fun. If you’re looking for a mask to add moisture or one to remove it or affect your skin in the way you want, it’s going to take research, money, and time.

4. Avoid Hot Showers

Yes, you want to scald your skin to a pulp to achieve relaxation and pleasure, but that’s bad for you! If your skin is red or bright pink after a shower, your water is way too hot. A bad temperature will scald your skin similarly to a nasty sunburn, and don’t let yourself brush it off with the excuse that the effect fades away. Do you want healthy skin? Take a cool or lukewarm shower a couple times a week and watch the usual temperature of your showers.

5. Gentle On The Eyes

When removing eye makeup, be kind to yourself. It might take an extra few minutes, but it’s better in the long run to pat instead of just smearing and rubbing it all off. Not only will harsh movements around the thin skin irritate the area, but you’ve also probably noticed the eyelashes it pulls out when you do. Take it easy, take your time, and it’ll make you feel a lot better instead of tumbling into bed and waking up with a crusty mess caked in the skin around your eyes.

Know any skincare tips that always work? Share them below!

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