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8 Best Outfit Ideas For USC Gameday

8 Best Outfit Ideas For USC Gameday

Sports are underway and we all wanna be fashionable for USC gameday. USC gameday outfits can be from your closet, thrifted, or you can even treat yourself and buy some new apparel if you haven’t already bought appropriate Trojan gear. Want to make sure you’re wearing the right things for USC gameday? Keep reading for eight outfits you can pull together to show off your school spirit!

These USC gameday outfit ideas are so cute!

1. Classic Trojan T-Shirt & Jeans.

You can’t go wrong with this USC gameday look. This could be a USC t-shirt or a Trojan t-shirt, so long as you’re reppin’ the best team in the game.

This is the cutest outfit idea for USC gameday!


2. A Trojan’s Jersey and leggings.

This is a great USC gameday outfit idea for both men and women. Men can wear as is and ladies can try purchasing an oversized jersey and wearing over leggings or jeans.


3. A maxi dress with yellow accessories.

Again, great for Southern California weather because they breathe well and can be found in Trojan colors.

4. A midi skirt and a USC gameday crop top.

These also breathe and would be an ideal USC gameday outfit if in Trojan colors as well.


5. The preppy USC gameday outfit.

This is a more dressed up look that can be worn to a restaurant or a bar. Once again black or khaki bottoms works best.

6. Trojan baseball cap.

Work-out leggings, shorts, tanks, and snapbacks in Trojan colors or have Trojan logos. It’s comfortable and unisex.


7. USC gameday business casual.

Another fancy outfit if shorts aren’t acceptable.

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8. A comfortable and warm Trojan hoodie.

For the colder weather this is the perfect look because it is easy, comfortable, warm, and is unisex.


For the crafty students:

For those that are creative then they can make their own Trojan apparel with supplies from Joann’s or Michael’s. These stores have weekly coupons that can help with your budget.

Safety pro tip advice:

T-shirts such as Fucla and Beat the Bruins are not recommended unless you are prepared to get into a fight. We want everyone to be safe and enjoy Game day. A trip to the ER and the bill with it are not worth it.

Don’t forget these other crucial USC gameday essentials:

Accessories everyone should have for a USC gameday include sunscreen for your skin because it reduces the risk of skin cancer, a clear bag for those who want to go to the game in person, and a power bank for your smartphones so that you can take as many game day selfies as you want and still be able to snapchat your friends.

There many different ways to show off your Trojan spirit for USC gameday, so go enjoy it with your friends and family. Fight on Trojans!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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