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10 Best Outdoor Games For Summer

Summer time isn’t only for lounging around pool side. It’s time to bring out your inner kid with some fun outdoor games to play while you’re spending time soaking up the sun.

Here are the 10 Best Outdoor Games for This Summer:

Jumbo Jenga

This is a classic but the pressure is on when you supersize it in this outdoor game. If you are looking for an activity that goes beyond just playing this is also a great option as you can DIY the blocks and customize them to match any theme you want. Makes it a great additional to any outdoor party.

Pool Noddle Ring Toss

Pair an outdoor game with a pool party and you are sure to have a great time. This simple outdoor game is extremely easy to DIY and you only need 3 pool noddles, 2 ground stakes, a utility knife and some duct tape.

Ball in a Basket

Bring a carnival feel to your summer plans with this outdoor game. Guest of all ages will enjoy some friendly competition while they are trying their arm at this game. Keeping it in the realm of DIY, this outdoor game uses a wood pallet and baskets can you can paint in you have a certain theme in mind for your outdoor party.

Tic Tac Toe Frisbee

All you need is a bed sheet and some Frisbee for this outdoor game. You can use tape or paint on the patter of the classic tic tac toe game onto the bed sheet and voila, a super-size version of the game. If you don’t have a bed sheet you want to get rid of, you can also put the tape on the grass to create the pattern. Guests are going to love incorporating Frisbee into it, really bringing in that summer vibe.


This is a staple outdoor game, especially in the Midwest. Another one that you can easily DIY to give it a more rustic authentic look but if you are running tight on time just buy the set. Appropriate for all ages, teams will surely get competitive over this one.

Flamingo Ring Toss Game

Bring in some pink quirkiness into your event with this creative outdoor game. Use those funny looking flamingo lawn ornaments and place them into flower pots filled with sand to create a beach feel. Have guest try to hook rings onto the flamingos. First one to hook three is the winner.

See Also

Football Practice Toss Game

This outdoor game will have all the guys competing to see which one of them would have made the best NFL player. Use a tarp or a bed sheet, cut out different patterns and label them with points. See who has the best arm.

Frisbee Golf

Super easy outdoor game to set up with cheap laundry baskets. It will get everyone in a competitive spirit and hype up any day. Get your friends together and hit up a field to play. You can also search for Disc golf ranges that will already have the set up ready to go.

Water Balloon Fight

If it’s not broken, don’t’ fix it. This outdoor game is a classic activity and all ages love it, despite how much they claim not too. Set up laundry baskets with water balloons and have teams ready to go in this classic showdown. Winner gets bragging rights.

DIY Bean Bag Toss

So many different ways to recreate this classic outdoor game. You can use clay saucers, laundry baskets, Hola hoops and more!

Don’t let your summer get boring with these outdoor games! They are perfect for small get together or just a great way to soak up some sun outside. Let us know if you tried any the games listed here.

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