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Best Organization Tips For Your Tiny Dorm Closet

Best Organization Tips For Your Tiny Dorm Closet

Bringing a plethora of clothes and accessories to college can make your tiny dorm closet cry and make you think fitting your stuff in a small space is impossible. However, with every struggle, there are helpful tips for minimizing them and, in this case, to maximize your closet space. Don’t fret, cause I got you. Here are the best organization tips for your tiny dorm closet!

Color coding your closet

While working retail had its tough times, I can whole-heartedly say it came with a lot of great and useful tips for organizing clothes. One thing I learned and have since kept with me was color coding my clothing items. You can color code according to ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) and put your neutrals, blacks, and whites last, or you can color-code however you’d like. This is simply a technique that many clothing stores use to visually catch the attention of customers and also help workers remember where and which clothing item they’re looking for. A pneumatic aid for all, this system for your dorm closet will have your space looking chic, organized, and make it easier to color-coordinate your outfits. This is definitely worth a go!

Rolling storage

Quickly finding a pair of socks, undergarments, and even shoes can be the bane of our existence in the morning. That’s why good, rolling storage can make a world of a difference when you’re trying to find small items you need every day. It can be rolling storage with a drawer unit or a drawer rolling tray. Either way, this will make things more accessible and compacted at the same time. Just put cute rolling storage in your tiny dorm closet, pop it out when you need it, slide it back in, and keep it pushing. Make sure to find one that works for your tiny dorm closet!


Velvet hangers for your clothes

Velvet hangers are a must when we’re speaking dependability and space. These hangers will have your clothes hanging high and never touching the ground. Unlike metal hangers, the velvet on these instruments allows clothes to have a better grip, and its thinness creates room for other clothes to be hung. The benefits of these hangers really come in handy for college students with little to no space. Additionally, the velvet on these hangers are gorgeous and come in many different colors for your tiny dorm closet. Make sure to put this on your list when you go dorm room shopping!

Using a hanging closet organizer with an extra bar

Now if there is anything you need in your tiny dorm closet, it’s a hanging closet organizer with an extra bar. This is essentially a little closet in your little closet. This organizer is usually hung in your closet space and sectioned into four boxes to put clothing items in with an extra bar at the bottom to hang clothes. Using this will maximize your closet big time by putting extra clothes, accessories, and towels in the boxed sections and extra clothes you want to be hung on the bar it comes with. This is one of those things that many college students have and bring to their dorm rooms every year. And rightfully so. Don’t sleep on this tip and organizer for your closet!

Having a laundry hamper

This can be one of the most neglected items that people forget to bring, so always make sure to have a laundry hamper for your tiny dorm closet. Putting this in your dorm closet can be useful by keeping all clothes in the same area when you hang or put away what’s clean and, on the other hand, throw away dirty clothes into the hamper. This necessity can simply be put on the ground of your closet to collect used shirts and pants every day. This organizing tool has and should always be a must!

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File Folding

When you don’t want clothes hung or in your hamper, you should use the file folding system the next time you put them in an organizer or drawer in your closet. File folding is a minimalist technique that helps unclutter your clothing items by folding your folded clothes twice and propping it up next to one another, creating a filing look that helps clothes sit side by side in drawers and organizers. This works best for shirts and pants in which several videos are sharing how to file fold and different ways to do so. This creates space for other clothes in different areas and the ability to fit in many clothing items in one space for your tiny dorm closet. Check it out!

Vacuum-sealed bags for seasonal clothing

Everyone needs storage for clothes they aren’t wearing anymore when the seasons change, which is why vacuum-sealed bags are always the best choice. They can also be used as a way to organize your wardrobes too. While plastic storage bins work well, vacuum-sealed bags are lightyears ahead of the game when it comes to space and efficiency. It packs bulky articles of clothing in little space and separates clothes to find exactly what you need by fitting entire outfits in one bag. They also trap odors and keeps out insects, which is a definite plus in many people’s books. Whether it’s sweaters or spring dresses, this is what you need to secure your clothing and place in your tiny closet!


Over the door organizer for everything else

When you don’t have any more space left for smaller or other essential things like hats, shoes, or purses, you should invest in an over the door organizer! This will rid your anxiety to find extra space in your closet and put it outside your closet door. This is a tip to use for everything else you want your closet to have and be. A truly reliable backup everyone needs!

Keeping your closet organized is EVERYTHING! What organization tips for your tiny dorm closet will you use? Tell us in the comments below!