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The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

These are the five best online stores for fast-fashion clothing. It’s 2019 and who doesn’t have an online shopping addiction? I’ve hit that point where I don’t like going into a store to find something. I prefer searching the web and my favorite sites. I’ve had my fair share of bad online shopping experiences, and who hasn’t? I’m talking about cheaply made garments, items that don’t look anything like the picture or things that end up not fitting at all. Well, over the past several months I’ve learned the goods and the bads about the most commonly used online shops. From personal experiences, online reviews, and friends’ experiences these are the five best online stores for fast-fashion clothing. Enjoy!


The top online shop for fast-fashion clothing is ASOS. If you haven’t shopped at ASOS, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. If you need anything, ASOS is the online shop for you. It has hundreds of clothing items, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. From experience, I believe that ASOS has some of the best quality trend forward and fast-fashion clothing. Also besides quality ASOS has a tool that helps predict what size you wear in each item. The combination of the right clothes and this tool make ASOS an enjoyable online retailer to shop at!

The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

2. River Island

River Island is a London based retailer that has a strong online presence. I first ran into this brand when studying in England. Since returning home I’ve started to shop their brand online, and they do not disappoint! The River Island online store has a wide variety of items including workwear, casual wear, active wear, etc. I love this online fast-fashion retailer because their items are reasonably priced and they are decent quality for fast-fashion. Also, I love shopping their website because they give you “Style With” suggestions; which I think is super helpful!

The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

3. Forever 21

I’ve had my rollercoaster rides with Forever 21 in the past. However, this year I put those experiences in the past and started shopping with them online again. Before this year my last time shopping with them was in 2015, and their online store was not it. Now, I enjoy their fast-fashion online store. They have a wide variety of items; I can find virtually anything I need on their website. Along with their items, they also have a fit rating, size guide, and accurate customer reviews; which I think is so important when it comes to shopping online!

The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

4. Lulu’s

Lulu’s is a fast-fashion clothing queen! I love Lulu’s because every time I go on the website, I know what I’m getting myself into; the website is well organized. Lulu’s has both in-house and well-known name brands on the site, and everything is super trendy with a great price. What makes Lulu’s a leader in fast-fashion clothing is, of course, their clothing and the option for you to talk to a “Fit Expert.” I’ve only had positive experiences with Lulu’s, and I haven’t heard anything bad from others.

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The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

5. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal was started in 2006 by none other Sophia Amoruso. This company skyrocketed in recent years, and this summer was my first time buying from the website. From my experiences and friends’ experiences, I can say that this is a leader in the fast-fashion clothing world. The clothing that I received was exactly what I was expecting, and I loved the quality. I still wear the pieces, and it’s been almost a year. Along with the great clothing and decent prices I also love that the website offers a “Fit Finder” system which takes your measurements and suggests a size! Nasty Gal is one of the best!

The 5 Best Online Stores For Fast-Fashion Clothing

Which of these online fast-fashion clothing brands will you shop next?

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