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Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits

Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to do some shopping for bathing suits. While we can’t go shopping in stores right now, we can still look online for clothing. There are a ton of stores to choose from, but there are only a few that carry great options when it comes to style and comfort. Here are the best online stores to check out when shopping for bathing suits!

1. Aerie

It is no doubt that Aerie sells the cutest loungewear, bralettes, and has great underwear deals. But, they also have the best bathing suits – I’m sure you already knew that though. What’s great about Aerie is they feature real people wearing bathing suits for all sizes. They also have their “Real Good” swim line, which features sustainable fashion – so that’s another win. Bathing suits from the “Real Good” line are made of a material that comes from recycled nylon and plastic bottles. What’s better than feeling good in a bathing suit and knowing it is good for the planet too? Nothing. Also, Aerie features many different types of bikini tops, including high neck bikini tops, triangle bikinis and plunge bikinis. And, they also have a lot of versatile styles when it comes to bottoms – such as high cut, classic, hipster, and cheeky. You can also make your own set of a mix & match bikini top and bottom. What’s better than that? Aerie’s wide variety of one-piece bathing suits. One-piece bathing suits are always in, and at Aerie, you can find a ton of styles and prints such as camo, leopard floral, and stripes. 

Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits


If there’s one online store that has a ton of brands to shop from, it’s ASOS. And, when it comes to online shopping for bathing suits, ASOS is the way to go. They have their own ASOS design bathing suits, but they also carry brands like Nike and Adidas as well as European clothing brands like Pull & Bear and Bershka. Another great thing about ASOS is that they try to make shopping for bathing suits as easy as possible. You can filter through bathing suits with many more options than just “price” and “size” – this means, you can sort through bathing suits by brand, color, body fit, size, and price range. By having all these options to filter through different styles of bathing suits, you can find the one that is most suitable for you, just as if you were shopping in person. You can also search under the “responsible” filter option, that shows recycled bathing suits – which means sustainable clothing! A huge plus.

3. Target

As if we couldn’t love shopping enough at Target for miscellaneous things, they also have a huge section for bathing suits. If you can’t go to the store and shop, Target is one place that is perfect for online shopping. Like other stores, you can filter through your bathing suit preferences online. But, Target makes it so you really get to find everything need down to the last detail. This means you can search by top trend (what trend are you going for this summer?), cup size, band size, construction (which comes down to how exactly the bathing suit is built), price, style, and more. This makes it even easier to find swimwear, and a better experience finding a bathing suit that will fit you just the way you want it to. Being able to search for bathing suits in the most specific way will give you all the results that you need to find the perfect swimwear for the summer!

Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits

4. Nordstrom Rack

Like Target, Nordstrom Rack is another store I could spend hours filling up my cart with stuff I probably do not need. When it comes to well-known brands that we love, or designer clothing and finding great deals on high-end apparel, Nordstrom Rack is the best place to go. If you are shopping in-store, it is always fun going to the clearance racks and comparing the original price tag to the sale price, and you can do the same online. When an item is discounted, it shows the original selling price it was at before. Even though a dress is 70% off, it is still in style and that just means you found an amazing deal. When it comes to bathing suits at Nordstrom Rack, you can search by brands, size, color, and price. If you are looking under brands, you will see a variety of stores from Reebok to Tory Burch. Since all the brands are so different from one another with what type of clothing they offer, you will be able to choose whichever one is best for your style.

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Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits

5. Old Navy

We have been finding good deals at Old Navy forever. Not only do they have the best clearance ever but they have a wonderful line to search through while you are waiting to check out (you know, the one full of body sprays, headbands, socks, etc.) and, affordable bathing suits! When shopping for swimwear online you can filter by style, size, and price. Since one-piece suits are more stylish than ever right now, you can be sure to find a good amount of them at Old Navy. You can also find high waisted bathing suits, that have been trendy over and over again. They have a great range of patterns and solid color bathing suits, whether you’re looking for a bikini, mix and match bathing suit top and bottoms or a one piece.

Best Online Shopping For Bathing Suits

Next time you are looking for bathing suits for the summer or any, check online at American Eagle, Target, Nordstrom Rack, or Old Navy. What are your favorite places to shop online for bathing suits? Let us know in the comments below!

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