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Best on The Go Snacks

Best on The Go Snacks

If you’re like me, then you’re probably always hungry! And in my opinion, there is nothing worse than being hangry. So always ensure you have the perfect snack in your backpack, purse tech, and even your car! Likewise, there’s nothing worse than not planning your day well and your hungry. Or maybe things got crazy and hectic, and you didn’t have time to get lunch. Struggling with being hungry and hangry will never be a problem if you always have perfect on-the-go snacks! Keep reading to hear some of the best recommendations for all-to-go snacks.

1. Granola bars

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a classic granola bar granola go snack. They’re perfect bars that are individually wrapped. You don’t have to worry about putting anything in a container. All you have to do is reach into a box, pull out your wrapped granola bar, throw it in your bag, and you’re good to go. So many different brands and flavors for anything you’re looking for. There are granola bars with high grams of protein if you’re looking to get more protein. Plenty of granola bars can also satisfy your sweet tooth if you’re looking for that sweet treat without going out and having a candy bar. They also create minimum mass and require no extra thought process. You don’t have to be refrigerated, heated up, anything. You just pulled out of your bag, ripped open the packaging, and bit into your stack.
2. Individually packaged snacks

Individually packaged snacks are the easiest on-the-go snack that you could have. Chances are your favorite snack brand makes individually packaged products. Anything from mini bags of cheez, Goldfish, wheat thins, and two trail mixes. You name it. Any big brand is probably making snack Baggies. Individually packaged snacks are helpful if you’re running out the door or packing yourself a lunch period. These snacks are also perfect for those who prefer salty snacks, as I believe there are more options! If you want something salty, you don’t have to worry about the pain of opening your drawer, pulling out a zip lock bag, or opening a massive box of Goldfish just for them to go stale two days later. Avoid all that trouble and justice. Get some individual bagged snack food, keep them in your drawers, and you’re good to go. You always have an on-the-go snack ready when walking out the door.

3. Clementines

Clementines are the perfect on-the-go snack. You don’t have to refrigerate them. You don’t have to put them into a separate bag because of the peel. They’re yummy, they’re healthy, they’re sweet, and they’re delicious! It’s also a snack that will fill your office or space with unique sent once you take off the peel. Clementines are great on the ghost snack to pop them into your work bag or backpack and head out for the day.
4. Nuts

That’s our great source of protein in a fantastic little snack. You could even grab a handful of almonds on your way out the door, and this is an excellent source 13. You can make up a little bag for yourself for graduating. You can get them salted, roasted, or unsalted, or they can come in any seasoning she thinks of. I am a fan of the cashews and almonds snack mix by Trader Joe’s that is covered in everything but the bagel seasoning. Yum, chefs kiss! These are a snack-time staple of mine. I always love to have a little baggie of these in my bag so that whenever I am hungry, I can have little snacks. I highly recommend just keeping a bag of nuts in your bag.
5. Smoothie

Smoothies are great on-the-go snacks. You can make them at home, pick them up from a local smoothie shop, or buy pre-made smoothies from your grocery store and keep them in your fridge. They are so yummy because you can put whatever you want in them. Fruit, spinach, other veggies, protein powder, you name it. It’s a super lovely customizable snack you can have on the go packed with nutrients. If you have time in the morning and the money and resources to buy a nice little blender, cup, straw, and fresh produce, making them home can be super friendly. And it also gives you that flexibility of just putting in whatever you want free of judgment. Or, if you have a local smoothie shop, you can stop by on your way to work, order one, pick one up, and have it on your drive. Also, most grocery stores usually have juice and smoothie sections. So you can certainly buy some, keep them in your fridge, and grab them when you’re ready to leave before heading out the door in the morning. I think smoothies are a great and easy healthy snack that you can have on the go at our also super easy to eat. A smoothie doesn’t require utensils, plates, or even napkins.


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6. Carrot and celery sticks

If you are trying to get more veggies in your diet, prepare a snack the night before. I love cutting up some celery and carrots and putting them into a Ziploc bag. These make for a yummy snack! If you have access to a fridge or lunch box, you can set individual pre-made hummus or guacamole servings to go with your veggies. Adding hummus or guacamole will elevate your snack! It is always nice to know that you can access a healthy snack!


I always leave my house with a snack and recommend you do the same! Maybe even put multiple snacks in your bag on Monday, and you can leave the more non-perishable snack such as granola bars and bags of Goldfish at your office! So you have some new snack options while at work! You will never feel like you are on the verge of starvation again! It is always helpful to have easy on-the-go snacks ready at any moment’s notice so that when life gets busy, you still have time to eat a little something and fuel your body!