10 of the Best Ombre Hair Looks For This Fall

The ombre hair style has been in fashion for quite some time now. With hair dye being more accessible than ever before and rise of intriguing hair styles from a combination of social media influence and a growing interest it’s no surprise that this fad has stayed around for some time. But what sort of ombre might be right for you? What is a style that makes your hair fashion pop and looks a margin above the rest? Well, here are ten ombre looks you can sport for this fall to get ahead of the crowd.

Phoenix tips

This first ombre hair style is a classic and an excellent gateway for those that aren’t quite sure if an ombre look is right for them or not. The Phoenix look is comprised of whatever hair color your hair that ombres into fiery red tips at the bottom. Almost like your hair is being reborn and rising from the smoldering ashes of its former look, this look is sure to bring any hairstyle you have back to its former glory. This is one of the more comfortable looks that you can do for yourself at home if you have the means. Not only that but the upkeep is surprisingly minimal

Petals and Cream

The petals and cream ombre hair style is an excellent look for those who are looking for a soft look but aren’t a big fan of green or any cooler colors. The look is comprised of a blonde or warm grey hair base that fades into a gentle dusty pink. This look is very reminiscent of a rose garden that is basking in the soft dusk sunset, giving way to the night. For those that long to have an almost ethereal and surreal beauty dripping with grace, this look is absolutely for you. Due to its configuration, it’s a relatively easy hairstyle to do yourself.


10 of the Best Ombre Hair Looks For This Fall

Fading Starlight

This particular ombre hair style is comprised of at least two different colors, at the top of the head is a slightly dusty grey that goes down to about half it then ombres into a deep navy blue. If you want to go even further, you can take the deep navy blue into an almost black night at the very tips. This is a look evocative of a quiet and beautiful starry night, almost like you’ve dipped your hair in the moonlight that fades away into the gentle night. This look is a bit harder to do alone and is not recommended for the beginner at the home dyer. If you can, I would ask a friend to help you do it, or go to your local salon if they are available.

Iridescent Peacock

This ombre hairstyle is one that is sure to turn heads no matter where you go. Comprised of at least three different colors, the top of the head is a vibrant purple, then fading into a deep cerulean blue in the middle, then finally giving way to deep emerald green. If you want, you can top off the look at the very ends of your tips with a bleached blonde to bring it full circle. This extravagant and iridescent look is hard to beat when it comes to flashy style. If you’re someone who looks for all the attention in the room, I highly recommend this look.


Mint Ice Cream

Perhaps you’re a person who’s looking for a bit more of a softer ombre look. Something eye-catching, but in a way that makes you seem a bit gentler around the edges rather than loud and proud. If that’s the case, I would highly recommend this ombre hair style. Take the tips of your hair and dye them a soft and creamy mint color, evocative of the ice cream. Not only is this also a relaxed style to curate, but it’s also an excellent look for the summer and springtime. Sundresses and straw hats are a great look to match this any time of the year, especially if you’re interested in floral patterns.

Black Angel

The Black Angel is an ombre hair style that is definitely for those that love to have a gothic look but also are interested in indulging in the mainstream from time to time. It’s undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching looks, which is comprised of two parts. From the rooms down to just before the tips is a deep black, then goes quickly into stark white hair color. It’s hard to call this a hard ombre look, but it’s certainly possible to soften the look a bit with some grey tones in-between to make the gradient a bit more gentle.

Gentle Flame

This is the right balance between a hardcore embellished look that turns heads every which way you go and a softer, more delicate ombre look more suited to the traditional style of ombre. The watch can have a few variations to it as well, which makes this an exciting and flexible method suitable to whatever desires you have. Most likely, though, it starts with a red base at the top, then and orange or golden, that cascades into soft blonde tips. The upkeep for this hairstyle is a bit high, but the overall look is worth it.


10 of the Best Ombre Hair Looks For This Fall

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Riverbend Blue

This look has been seen throughout Instagram, especially when there was that whole mermaid crazy a few years back. The idea is a pure deep blue that fades into a lighter blue as the ombre runs down the length of your hair, maybe even some seafoam green tips if you want to make the look pop.


Galaxy Girl

This is also a pretty traditional ombre style. Although it feels more like a genre of ombre rather than one brief look, that’s pretty much the appeal of this look in the first place. Galaxy hair can be pretty much whatever you want to make of it. It’s hard to describe a full succinct galaxy look since you know it when you see it. My best recommendation is to find a reference photo that particularly stands out to you online and bring it to your hairdresser so they can know what it is you’re looking for.

10 of the Best Ombre Hair Looks For This Fall

Dusty Fairy

The dusty fairy style is also one of those looks that you sort of know when you see it. Its signature look is a dusty pastel mix of greys, blues, pinks, and greens that sort of fades away in and out of itself. Though this one, in particular, isn’t as well known as some of the other looks, it certainly is an attention grabber for all the right reasons. Though it’s gorgeous to look at, it can be a bit of a pain in the neck to do yourself, so if you have the means to, it’s recommended that you go to a salon for this.