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10 Best Ole Miss Football Game Outfit Ideas

10 Best Ole Miss Football Game Outfit Ideas

Grove season has begun! It is the real struggle trying to come up with a cute outfit every week for game day, so here are some of the best Ole Miss football game outfit ideas for you as we head further into the season!

Color Scheme for each game day for the 2016 season:

First things first, you need to make sure you are wearing the correct color for each game day, so here is the color chart for the 2016 season!

1. A Blue or Red Sundress

Dresses are the most common attire in the Grove on game days. My suggestion is to pick a comfortable dress that is somewhat casual because you will be at the top comfort level while still looking really cute!


2. Blue & Red Patterned Romper

Rompers are the perfect substitute for a dress, especially if you still want to look like you’re wearing a dress! In my opinion, rompers are so much more comfortable because they have shorts, and you still look really cute and trendy for game day.


3. Pencil Skirt and Blouse

Have you run out of dresses? A skirt and shirt combo is a great alternative to a dress!


4. Flowy Shorts & Sandals

A pair of flowy shorts and a nice top can give the illusion of a dress or a shirt and skirt combo, so they can be the perfect solution to your game day outfit blues.

5. Lace Sundress & Cowgirl Boots

Nothing can beat this southern style. You can be comfy and you can still look super cute and Grove ready!

6. The Jersey Dress

Showing school spirit through your outfit choice is also acceptable. One option if you still want to go the dress route is to wear a football jersey that is big and long enough to look like a dress. It sounds like a poor fashion choice, but, trust me, the end result is super cute and shows how much you love the Rebs!


7. Jean Shorts & Jersey

If you want to stick with shorts, wear a pair of jean shorts with a football jersey is perfect. It is a classic game day outfit that never goes out of style. You also have the option to dress it up a bit more if you wear a skirt with the jersey instead!

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Now a crucial part to your outfit is footwear. You have to seriously think about what your feet can handle while you are standing all day in the Grove and at the game!


8. Converse Sneakers

Personally, I opt for sneakers. They are comfortable and allow you to walk around all day without making your feet want to fall off. Sneakers are a good option to go with anything that I listed. They give a more casual and laid back look which I don’t mind for myself. Just remember that you will be on your feet all day and sneakers are at the top of the list in comfort level.

9. Sandals

Sandals are also a more comfortable option of footwear. When you wear sandals you can dress up your outfit a bit more if you want, but you can still wear a casual outfit as well because sandals are like the middle ground of both.

10. Heels

In my opinion, heels are a no go, but some people can wear heels all day and be fine. Heels are the perfect finishing touch to a really great dress or skirt and shirt combo. The only thing to watch for when deciding to wear heels is making sure that you pick out your most comfortable pair because, I reiterate, you will be on your feet and walking all day, so heels can start to make your feet hurt.


What are some other Ole Miss football game outfit ideas? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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