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10 Best NYC Vintage Stores

10 Best NYC Vintage Stores

There is one thing about New York that attracts people from all over the world- good thrift finds. So here are the best NYC vintage stores.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, there is one thing about New York that attracts people from all over the world. Classifying it as the center of American finance, its abundant variety of shops enthralls even the most frugal of tourists. Ranging from commercial brands to quaint little shops, there is no doubt that New York has it all. Stores like Williamsburg’s Monk & Junk and Avenue B’s Community 54 depicts the amazing array of vintage finds the city has to offer. So for you vintage lovers out there, here are the 10 best NYC vintage stores.

1. Fuego 718

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this funky little shop features all knick-knacks, jewelry, home decor, and much more! Walk through the door and you’re immediately transported to Mexico, as its culture is visible throughout the entire NYC location. Not only does it offer unique vintage finds, but the store does a wonderful job of representing true Mexican heritage. So stop by, look around, and enjoy a taste of culture!


2. Monk

Located not just in Williamsburg, but also throughout Manhattan is this trendy yet affordable Vintage store. Set to capture the hearts of all vintage lovers, Monk offers fashionable clothes at a reasonable price. Selling everything from your basic tees to statement pieces, it is perfect for all of you out there on a budget that still have a desire to let your inner fashionista shine through.


3. Mother of Junk

Looking for all things antique? Then Mother of Junk is the definitely a store you should visit. Right around the corner from Monk, this furniture store offers cool and unique pieces that will give your NYC apartment the spunk that it needed. From dressers, to sofas, and lamps this place has it all and is a must see if you love antiques.



4. A1 Record Shop

If you’re a fan of vinyl albums, then stopping by the East Village’s A1 Record Shop should be an experience to remember. This store is a place where you can surf through the wide selection of all the iconic albums that even your parents might not own. Stop by and either sell, buy, or trade with other vintage record lovers.



5. Pippin Vintage Jewelry

Chelsea’s Pippin Vintage Jewelry is a must see if you’re a lover of accessories. Looking at the vast assortments of jewels, its collection takes you back in time through the 20th century. Featuring pearls and various other period pieces, shopping through this beautiful array of vintage finds is a must!

6. Community 54

Community 54 is an only-men’s vintage store located in the East village. Here you can find limited edition and designer clothes at an affordable rate. Perfect for you men out there that have incredible taste in fashion and love to look dope while not breaking your budget!



7. Argosy Bookstore

If you’re a lover of literature like me, then Argosy is a store you MUST visit. Featuring a sick story range of limited editions and out-of-print books, this store is an experience. Stop by midtown and enjoy the assortment of texts!


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8. Star Struck Vintage Clothing

Located in Greenwich village, this vintage clothing store offers a variety of apparel ranging from iconic concert tees, 50’s leather jackets, and even Hawaiian shirts. If you’re looking to edge up your style, then stop by Star Struck and get lost in the collection!


9. Procell

Fan of the 80’s and 90’s? Then give a visit to Procell and lose track of time shopping through the selection of casual wear. Offering pop-culture and rare high fashion items, you will certainly leave with a few new fashion statements!



10. L Train Vintage

If you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t want to spend lots of money on second hand clothing then the L Train Vintage should be on the top of your list. This store is a favorite amongst locals both in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Offering clothes from previous decades at an affordable cost, you won’t regret shopping here.


Do you know any of the best NYC vintage stores? Let us know in the comments below!
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