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10 Best NC State Game Day Outfit Ideas

10 Best NC State Game Day Outfit Ideas

College football season is among us which means a lot of tailgating, lots of cheering and lots of anxiety on what to wear to the game. Game days in the ACC are a celebration of tradition and rivalry but it also brings a fashion showdown with a touch of southern tradition. Finding the perfect outfit that matches your style and school spirit while also remaining cool in the September heat or warm in the November cold, is more stressful than studying for exams. Check out these 10 unique and affordable NC State Game Day outfit ideas to help lower your fashion anxiety!

1. An Oversized Football Jersey

Nothing screams school spirit like an oversized football jersey. Jerseys allow you the opportunity to support your football team directly while also giving you a cooler and less confining option during that September heat. Top off your jersey with a nice pair of cowboy boots for a great southern belle look!


2. A Sundress (In Your School’s Colors)

If you’re going for a more conservative and clean look for you game day, a loose fitting dress may be the item you’re looking for. These types of dresses still help you stay cool during the game while have the mobility to move and cheer on your team. Don’t forget to support your school by wearing a school color when choosing your dress. This often pairs well with a nice heeled bootie, or a low top sneaker such as converses. These of course, can pair with your favorite cowboy boots as well.


3. Longsleeve & Vest

If you’re someone who enjoys the preppy style, then this look is for you. To achieve a preppy yet comfortable outfit, simply pair your favorite crewneck, flannel, or long sleeve with a nice warm vest. To accent the colors in the shirt, be sure that the vest is a different color but something that matches. Wear these with your favorite pair of jeans and nice riding boots. You can also accessorize with necklaces, a scarf or a hat, depending on the weather and comfort level.


4. Accessorize, accessorize!

Of course football season bares cold weather. It’s always a good idea to dress comfortably but still show your school spirit during football season. A simple NC State sweatshirt will pair well with leggings and warm weather gear such as hats, vests, scarves, and most importantly boots and socks!


5. NC State Red Romper

Another great way to offset the traditional outfits you’ll find at football games is to express your own personality and creativity. Find your favorite romper and dress it up to represent your personal style. Rompers are great pieces that will help with versatility and offer the visual of a dress while presenting you with the option of shorts! They also look great paired with any type of shoe!

6. NC State Red, White & Black Sundress

A loose fitting dress with a nice pair of sandals may fit your style more during the summer months of football. Be sure that your dress still represents your school style and accent with accessories that everyone will love such as watches, bracelets and/or a nice necklace.


7. Business Casual Regime

You can also switch up the fashion scene by using the business casual regime to your advantage. A nice pencil skirt paired with your favorite top and a cardigan allows you to still dress in your comfort zone while also remaining fashionable.

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8. Skinny Jeans & Bootie Heels

A long tunic top with a patterned scarf can go a long way during the fall season. Pair these with a nice pair of skinny jeans and your favorite booties to have a fashionable look for the big weekend game.



9. Rainy Day Tailgate

Rainy game day? Wear your rain jacket that matches your teams’ colors with a dark colored pair of skinny jeans and your favorite rain boots. It’s a simple outfit but still fashionable if you accessorize correctly. Great solution to adverse weather at the football game.

10. Crop Tops & Cowgirl Boots

The cutest combination of all for the southern bell is a nice crop top with a fashionable denim skirt and your favorite pair of boots. This outfit allows for uniqueness and mobility while still keeping you cute during the summer heat. If you’d like to wear this outfit during the fall, change the top to something long sleeves. The contrast of lengths will be a great combination. Also a great outfit to pair with cowboy boots for the sake of southern tradition!


What are your favorite NC State Game Day outfit ideas? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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