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10 Best Music Artists To Listen To Now

10 Best Music Artists To Listen To Now

There is so much music that comes out everyday. You can not listen to everything and deciding which ones are actually worth your time can be hard. If you are having a hard time finding music you need to listen to now check out this list of the 10 Best Music Artists to Listen To Now. 

1. Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree is not only a fantastic lyricist, his music videos take on a completely vintage vibe. He is one of the most cooky and completely unique music artists on this list. Check out any of his social media accounts or anything with him in it and you will see his creativity take on a new life. You need to listen to him now.


2. Joji

Joji has some interesting lyrics mixed with extremely heartfelt sounds. We would call him a leader in the sad boi moment in EDM and pop right now. He is one you are going to want to listen to now, if you aren’t already.

3.Dreamer boy

Dreamer Boy is a fairly unique sound. If he was a color he would be neon pink. With a neo-romantic dance musician sound he is someone that will make you feel something when you are listening to him.


4. Still Woozy

Still Woozy has some great songs including “Goodie Bag” and “Habit” and has new songs coming out everyday. Sven Gamsky creates a high quality sound in his garage that makes you feel like you are there with him.

5. Clairo

She is young and beyond talented with her exciting sounds that seem like they are revolutionizing the “bedroom pop”scene. If you are interested in listening to a sound that makes you feel like you are drinking chai tea then give this talented young artist a listen.


6. Bae Miller

Bae Miller has a super pop sound. If you want to not be bored of the radio and want that same up beat attitude with a talented vocalist then check Bae Miller out. One bonus about her is her look. She has a super cool vibe that most people aspire to being like. 


7. Jade bird

Jade Bird is one of the most talked about up and coming artists of 2019. She has millions of listens and saves on Spotify and yet still no one really knows her name. If you are looking for a song of hers you will either want to listen to if you haven’t already is her song “Lottery”. 

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8. Kelsey Lu

I am not sure exactly what style of music Kelsey Lu is but it is in the family of Neo-Soul and R&B. She feels like the new version of going to church. Her sound is clean and full of life. If you get the opportunity do not pass up listening to this up and coming artist. 

9. Billie Eilish

Yes, I am sure you know her. If you do not know Billie Eilish here is your chance. She has a more ominis sound then most pop artists but she is big right now and we understand why. She makes people feel every word of her music while not going down the traditional pop route. 


10. Alec Benjamin

Out of all the music artists on the list Alec Benjamin is probably one of the ones you have listened to more than once. He has millions and millions of listens on Spotify. Yet most people still don’t really know who he is yet. He makes you feel a little ahead of the curve with out being to pretentious. 


Did you find any of the music artists on the list interesting enough to listen to? Let us know in the comments which ones you checked out!

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