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20 Best Movies For The Next Girls Night In

Sometimes we all need those nights where we stay in with the ladies and binge watch movies. I mean, Saturdays are for the girls! Order a pizza and grab yourself some popcorn; these are the best movies to watch for girls night in!

1. The Last Song

An oldie but a goodie. How can you resist the last song, I mean Miley and Liam singing along to Maroon 5 has always been my relationship goals.

2. Bridesmaids

This is a complete classic. I don’t think anyone can watch Bridemaids without crying from laughter. 

3. Clueless

Don’t pretend that Cher’s closet isn’t one of your dreams to own.

4. Neighbors

Zac Efron. Enough Said.

5. Neighbors 2: Sorority Uprising.

Zac Efron…. Shirtless.

6. Moana

Solely to sing along to “How Far I’ll Go”

7. Trainwreck

We all have had our Monday scaries where we feel exactly like Amy Schumer’s character.

8. How to be Single.

We all need a little help here.

9. Pitch Perfect.

Girl squad goals.

10. Frozen

Watch it with your Sorority Sisters to learn what Sister Goals are.

11. The Devil Wears Prada

So many of us dream to have an internship like Andi’s, until we actually watch this movie and root Andi on.

12. The Other Woman

We all know someone who has had to deal with “the other woman” and we can totally relate.

13. Baywatch

Although this is a newer movie, it will be amazing because Zac Efron is in it.

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14. Fifty Shades

Forever alone, forever wishing a man would buy us an Audi. This is how my roommates and I spent V-Day tbh.

15. Bad Moms

Yeah. Don’t let this one be a glimpse into your future.

16. Sisters

Watch with your sisters and compare.

17. This Means War.

Another oldie, another goodie.

18. Magic Mike

Does this need an explanation?

19. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Not as funny, but still amazing.

20. High School Musical

When all else fails, go back to your childhood and belt out Breaking Free; because we all still know the lyrics.

Do you have any other suggestions for movies to watch for a girls night in!? Share in the comments below!
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corinne king

I am currently a freshman at High Point University studying Political Science and Business Administration. Golden Retrievers are my one true loves and if you need me you can probably find me at pure barre or watching netflix.

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