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20 Best Movies for Girls Night That Will Have You ROFL

Do you feel like it takes you awhile to figure out which movie to watch with your friends because you don’t know what is good? Or maybe you can’t agree on one? Well, I have 20 movies that will be perfect for your girls night. I ensure you and your friends will be laughing until you cry.

1. Mean Girls

Cady Heron is a girl who lived in Africa because her parents were scientists. When her family moved to the states, Cady gets to experience school for the first time and can see how tough it can be. She quickly gets involved with the popular girls, or as she called them “the plastics.”

2. Bad Teacher

An incompetent teacher who hates teaching, her students, and her co-workers has to go back to work to pay for her breast implants once her fiance breaks up with her. 

3. Bride Wars

Two best friends begin to fight because they both have their weddings scheduled on the same day in the same place. Both women attempt to sabotage each other’s big day. For example, Liv turns Emma’s tan bright orange shortly before her wedding.

4. Bridesmaids

The maid of honor whose life is currently in shambles takes the bride-to-be and the other bridesmaids on a crazy ride to the wedding. Although the maid of honor is broke, she fakes her way through the expenses and rituals. She wants to show how she’ll do anything for the people she loves.

5. Girls Trip

When four friends travel to New Orleans for a festival, it is like no time passed. After years of not seeing each other, they rekindle their friendship and show off their crazy side when they drink, dance, fight and date.

6. How to Be Single

After college is over, Alice decides she might not want a relationship with her boyfriend. She moves to New York for her new job. Her new co-worker who loves partying, Robin, takes her through the city. Robin teaches Alice how to get free drinks, meet men, and live the single life well.

7. Mamma Mia!

This is a story about how a girl is about to get married but doesn’t know who her dad is. She goes through her mothers journal and invites 3 men who could potentially be her father.

8. The Kissing Booth

Elle is a late blooming teen starts a romance with her best friend’s brother (a bad boy). Elle and her best friend, Lee, have rules in place where she could never get with his brother, putting their friendship in jeopardy.

9. Clueless

Cher and her friend, Dionne, are two of the most popular girls in school. They try to set up two teachers. When they are successful, they help a “clueless” transfer student. At the same time, Cher tries to find her own boyfriend.

10. Pitch Perfect

This girls night movie is about an all-girl a cappella group as they go against another a capella group from their college to win Nationals. 

11. Freaky Friday

A mother and daughter really do not see eye to eye. When they switch bodies, they both have to adapt the other’s life for one day. 

12. 13 Going on 30

A girl who doesn’t want to be in middle school anymore turns into a adult overnight. When she was a teen, she wished she could have a boyfriend and fantasizes about being an adult with a boyfriend. She realizes it isn’t all that she thought it was.

13. 10 Things I Hate About You

This girls night movie is actually based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew.” Cameron James becomes interested in Bianca, but her father won’t let her date until her older sister, Kat, dates. He pays a guy named Patrick to get Kat interested. Patrick takes the money and goes along with it until he starts to feel something for Kat.

14. The Duff

Bianca is content with her life until she is told that she is the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of her friend group. She realizes that it is true because her friends are popular, skinny and beautiful. She gets help from Wesley to help make her look better. 

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15. Legally Blonde

Elle, a fashionable sorority girl, gets dumped by her boyfriend. She decides go with him to law school to win him back. When she’s there, she finds that she is more than looks. She overcomes stereotypes about “dumb blondes.” She becomes a successful lawyer with unstoppable self confidence and a great sense of fashion.

16. Crazy, Stupid, Love.

A girls night wouldn’t be good without Ryan Gosling. Crazy, Stupid, Love is about a husband’s life is drastically changed when his wife asked for a divorce. He hopes to rediscover his manhood with a new friend that he met at a bar. His new friend, Jacob, helps him pick up girls.

17. Bachelorette

After ruining their friend’s wedding dress, these bridesmaids go on a wild goose chase to find a replacement, but their night turns crazy after booze, drugs, and clubbing gets involved.

18. The Other Woman

When Carly finds that her boyfriend is married, she meets his wife that he’s been cheating on and they find that they have a lot in common. Soon enough, they find that there is also a another woman he was cheating with. These women work together to bring this man down.

19. Easy A

This student hopes that the rumor mill will help her social and financial standing. One day, Olive tells her friend that she lost her virginity (which she didn’t) and a girl, Marianne, overhears what she said and spreads the word across the school. Olive was famous for the wrong reasons.

20. Valentine’s Day

In this romantic movie, several actors and actresses star in this story with interconnected lives. They go through highs and lows on Valentine’s Day. As the day goes on, they experience first dates, long-term commitments, crushes, and connecting to old flames.

Comment below which movie you’ll be watching for your next girls night!

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