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5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

If plain vodka is your go-to drink when you go out on the weekend, it’s important to know a few simple and easy drink mixes that you can make so you enjoy every sip! We all know that there is nothing worse than not having a chaser available to you and hating every second of that plain vodka shot you just took as a result. That is why you prepare for the weekend ahead and buy some mixes that you can use to make your beloved plain vodka that much easier to get down!

Here are some of our favorite mixes that you have to try this coming weekend! We promise you’ll be hooked once you find the one you love and you won’t need to take a plain vodka shot again if you don’t want to!

1. Cranberry Juice

Vodka Crans are quick and easy to make! All you need is some cranberry juice, some club soda, some of your plain vodka, some ice, a few limes and you are good to go! This refreshing drink will have you coming back for refills more than once–whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you!

The sweet flavor isn’t sweet enough to cause a headache in the morning but is rather just sweet enough to let you enjoy every last sip of it. This vodka cranberry juice recipe will become your go-to drink in no time!

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

2. Club Soda

This classic drink requires minimal effort on your part to make and is tasty and easy to get down once you’ve finished making it! All you need is some club soda, some of your plain vodka, some ice and either a lemon or lime. If you are a plain Jane and are happy without the acidic addition, then we will allow you to do whatever your heart desires!

If you need that extra flavor to mask the vodka aftertaste, however, then the lemon or lime that you choose is sure to be the perfect infusion into your drink! This refreshing drink will be the one you get hooked to this summer and you won’t look back!

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

3. Pink Lemonade

Many people think of lemonade when they think of easy mixers to mask the plain vodka flavor. But, not many think of pink lemonade which brings the drink to a whole other level and adds just a little bit more amazing flavor that will have you and your friends drooling over! Just shake up some pink lemonade, some of your plain vodka, some real lemons and some ice altogether and you will have the perfect spiked lemonade! This recipe will remind you of your childhood lemonade stand with an obvious twist!

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

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4. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is the perfect mixer for your plain vodka if you are looking for something summery that you can enjoy on a hot day at the beach! This flavorful drink is made up of watermelon juice, some of your plain vodka, some ice, some mint, some sliced cucumbers, and some fresh watermelon! We promise you will love this one! You won’t even be able to taste the vodka with this delectable recipe

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

5. Hawaiian Mix 

Any fruit juice has the power to mask the pungent taste of pure vodka. So, why not try mixing together a bunch of fruit juices to really mask that flavor! In the Hawaiian mix, you will mix together some orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut water, some of your plain vodka, some ice and some fresh pineapple for garnish!

This flavor blast will have you thinking you are in Hawaii even while you are sitting at your pregame at home! When you drink, why not take advantage of it and drink in style! This recipe won’t disappoint!

5 Best Mixes You Can Make With Plain Vodka

Which of these plain vodka drinks are you going to make next? Let us know and comment your favorites below!

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