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10 Best Microwavable Vegan Meals At The Grocery Store

10 Best Microwavable Vegan Meals At The Grocery Store

Vegan meals are notorious for being hard to make and even harder to find. Luckily, thanks to the recent increase in popularity of vegan diets, microwavable vegan meals are making a big entrance into regular grocery stores like Target and Whole Foods. Here are the 10 best microwavable vegan meals at the grocery store.

1. Amy’s Dairy Free Frozen Vegetable Pot Pie

For those who are looking for a soul food feel but in vegan form, this Vegetable Pot Pie, as apposed to Chicken Pot Pie, is a great microwavable meal. Chicken is substituted for tofu pieces that taste just like chicken, and the filling is a rich sauce with organic carrots, peas, potatoes. This pie can also be cooked in the oven if you are willing to wait. Overall, this is a great vegan meal for those who want some comfort food. For only $4.29 at Target, this is a cheap but filling meal that can be ready in minutes.


2. Gardein Frozen Teriyaki Chick’n Bowl

This is one of my all-time favorite lunches. With tofu taking the place of chicken, this bowl with rice, tofu, broccoli, red bell peppers, carrots, rice, and a sweet-spicy sauce make the perfect teriyaki bowl. It genuinely tastes so close to the real thing that the first time I ate it, I didn’t realize it was vegan. Overall, this is a great mid-day lunch for when you are at work or school. Just pop in the microwave for 5 minutes and you get a sweet and savory lunch for only $4.19. Get this at Target!

3. Morningstar Farms Veggie Classics Frozen Corn Dogs

These fully vegan corn dogs are an excellent morning breakfast. Containing 100% plant-based protein at 6 grams, this is a great way to start your day on a vegan diet. These also only take 1 minute microwave, so perfect for a rushed morning or making breakfast at work. With 4 corn dogs for only $3.89, this is a steal, especially for a vegan meal. Find this great breakfast at Target!


4. Morningstar Farms Classic Frozen Veggie Chik’n Nuggets

Another great choice from Morningstar Farms, these “chik’n” nuggets are the real deal. Not only are they 100% vegan (obviously), but they taste like real chicken nuggets. I literally could not tell the difference. If you are someone just dipping your toes into a vegan diet, try these for a random snack or meal. They are the perfect example of how plant-based recipes can achieve the same texture and taste as their meat-based counterparts. Overall, this is a great meal or topper for a salad, bowl, etc. At only $3.89, these are another steal! Find this great microwavable meal at Target.


5. Morningstar Farms Grillers Original Frozen Veggie Burger

Burgers are also a great vegan meal. These Morningstar farms patties are the regular burger you would get from a grill. You can eat them plain or on a pattie. They are of course microwavable and only take 1 minute to cook. These are good for entertaining for a group, or a lunch. Overall, these are a great source of protein. At only $3.89 at Target for 4 patties, this is another steal.

6. Amy’s Frozen Asian Dumplings with Hoisin Sauce Bowl 

Another savory meal, this asian dumpling bowl from Amy’s is a huge serving at 8.5 ounces. Described as “Organic garlic, onions, carrots and ginger are carefully folded into delicate dumplings. Dumplings are laid on top of organic noodles, Amy’s house-made tofu and finished with a rich and savory hoisin sauce”, this meal is sure to be savory and filling. For only $4.29 at Target, this a cheap meal to fill you up for dinner and provide a hefty amount of plant-based protein at 16 grams.


7. Amy’s Organic Corn Masa, Tomatillos and Black Beans Frozen Tamale Verde

If you are looking for some spice, this a great vegan option at the grocery store. As indicated in the title, this tamale includes organic corn masa, tomatillos, black beans, and a verde sauce. Another hefty serving, this meal comes in at 9 ounces. This is also a good source of protein at 7 grams. Coming at 7 minutes total cooking time in the microwave, this is a great dinner. At only $4.29 at Target for a massive serving, this is a great vegan meal.

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8. Healthy Choice Falafel & Tahini Frozen Power Bowls

This is an all around nutritious meal, being a rich source in both protein and fiber, coming in at 11 grams and 10 grams, respectively. This another great serving at 9.6 ounces. This meal only takes 4.5 minutes to cook in the microwave, so it is a convenient yet nutritious meal for lunch or dinner. Pick this great vegan meal up at Target for $3.69.


9. Amy’s Light & Lean Frozen Spaghetti Italiano with Meatless Meatballs

Finally an Italian offering, this great meal from Amy’s is as the name suggests light and lean. This meal is more suitable for a lunch. If you are someone who frequently gets an afternoon slump in the middle of the work or school day, this meal, being rich in carbohydrates, is a great choice. At 38 grams of carbs, this meal will give you the energy to get you through the day. This is also a great source of protein as well at 11 grams. With a 4 minute microwave cooking time, this is a great meal for the middle of the day. Find this great vegan meal for $4.29 at Target!

10. Healthy Choice PowerBowl Green Goddess Vegan Bowl

Finally, we have this excellent bowl from Healthy Choice. This is the ultimate healthy meal that doesn’t compromise on energy boosters and nutrition. At 37 grams of carbs and 18 grams of protein, the name is definitely accurate, this is a powerful meal. If you are looking for a vegan meal to combat an afternoon slump, but perhaps a little healthier than pasta, this bowl is the answer. Described as including, “lentils, vegetables and a green sesame tahini sauce on top of brown rice, red rice, quinoa and black barley, then topped with roasted pepitas”, this meal has all the healthy greens you need. At only $3.69, this is the ultimate vegan health option for a great price. Find this microwavable meal at Target!


Do you eat vegan meals? Are these recommendations a good fit for your lifestyle and nutritional needs? Let us know in the comments below!