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The 10 Best Marvel Films You Need To Watch

The 10 Best Marvel Films You Need To Watch

Marvel is an incredible story teller and that’s why so many people flock to watch the films and read the comics. SPOILERS are in this article so continue reading at your own risk. Here are the best marvel films to watch!

Everyone likes to escape their lives every once in awhile by watching a good film. The Marvel films do just that as they let you escape into a reality that is just outside of our reach. As the world we see in these films is our own just slightly altered. It leaves us wanting more therefore generating such a huge fan base as it’s a reality that is so close to being tangible and yet still unreachable. These films do an amazing job of having complex and layered characters and showing that even the heroes we idolize are flawed as well. Marvel is an incredible story teller and that’s why so many people flock to watch the films and read the comics. SPOILERS are in this article so continue reading at your own risk. Here are the best marvel films to watch!

The 10 Best Marvel Films You Need To Watch

Iron Man

This is the film that started the well known plethora of marvel film adaptations and it also really restarted Robert Downey Jr.’s career. In this film were introduced to Tony Stark, a man not only very well off but also a genius. He is the son of well known inventor Howard Stark who died in a “car crash” when Tony was younger. At the beginning of the film Stark Industries are making weapons for the U.S. government and Stark believes this is helping people. Until, he goes to Iraq to do a presentation for American soldiers there yet, he never makes it as the vehicle he is in is attacked. He is kidnapped and almost dies due to shrapnel getting lodged into his chest.


In this movie we see Tony Stark change and realize that his company is not helping people and what he is creating is dangerous. This terrifying experience teaches him that he needs to change and therefore he becomes Iron Man. Deciding that he wants to protect the vulnerable rather than supplying weapons that can and have landed in the wrong hands. This film made me excited about the marvel universe, it made me want to see more. This film was truly the beginning of it all and if you have not seen it then your missing out.


The first Thor is in many ways another introduction into the marvel universe as it’s showing another layer to it. It is showing the other worldly beings that come to play throughout the rest of the films. In the beginning it starts with Thor wanting to fight the frost giants which Asgard has been at war with but they are finally at a truce. Thor wants to go with the warriors three and fight the frost giants and everyone agrees except his brother Loki. Loki thinks it’s not the smartest idea. So he tries to talk Thor out of it but is secretly really trying to encourage him to go because Loki wants the throne. He wants to get Thor out of the way so that he can rule but finds out that he actually was born as a frost giant who Odin took and raised as his own son.


Thor gets in serious trouble and is stripped of his powers and banished to earth. Loki then takes over Asgard. Thor gets picked up by Jane Foster (who is a scientist) and her friends and brought to her house after they accidently hit him with their car. Thor at first is demanding, privileged and disrespectful but learns through falling for Jane that he can be better. He tries to get his hammer back but he can’t because he has to be worthy and he is not worthy until the very end when the warriors three come to save him and fight the monster Loki sent. This film again shows someone growing from a arrogant and self centered person to someone who is caring, self sacrificing and a hero. If you have not seen this film you should definitely give it a watch.

The Avengers

This is the film when we first see all these superhero stories finally intertwine. Loki has stolen the tesseract which has an infinity stone within it and teamed up with the Chitauri so that they can take over earth and loki can become it’s ruler. This forces the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, to form the avengers an elite group of people who can protect earth from total enslavement. Of course they don’t get along very well at first especially Captain America and Iron Man. But after the apparent death of Agent Coulson they come together to protect New York and the world.


This film is the first chance we get to see all these heroes working as one and working together for a greater cause. It places beings like Thor and Loki in with self made heroes like Iron man and Captain America. This movie really brings this dream team into focus for the first time and you have to see it.


From the beginning to the end of this film you’ll be in stitches. This film is unconventional to many of the other marvel movies as the main character Wade Wilson is a mercenary who falls for an escort named Vanessa. He eventually asks her to marry him before finding out he has terminal cancer. He leaves her so that she won’t have to see him die and is then recruited for a special experiment which leaves him with superhuman abilities and cures his cancer.


Throughout this film he breaks the fourth wall with hilarious results. If you want a film that will make you cry, laugh and all in all smile this is the film for you.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

I have to say that this film hits me in the feels each time I watch it. This film begins with Steve Rogers trying to go back to semblance of normality after waking up from being frozen in ice since the 1940s. Many things happen in this film; we meet Falcon for the first time who becomes Steve’s new friend and eventually an avenger, shield is jeopardized and Nick Fury is almost killed. Most importantly we find out that Bucky Barnes captain america’s best friend from childhood, who died while in service, is actually alive but not quite himself. Bucky is the winter soldier; brainwashed and tortured to be an assassin, a monster. He was forced to work for hydra for years and is then forced to work with the evil Alexander Pierce who is secretly a member of Hydra. But when the winter soldier is given the assignment to kill Steve Rogers he hesitates on seeing him. He believes he knows him, the first person he is able to recognize in years. They put him under again and torture him.


Finally they are on the helicarrier both of them fighting against each other while Steve is trying to stop the deaths of millions of innocent people. Until Steve says something and refuses to kill/harm Bucky stating the famous line “ I’m with you till the end of the line.” He almost drowns but Bucky saves him and disappears. This film gets me every time because of how Bucky was forced to become a monster that he truly wasn’t. To do horrible and awful acts against his will. Captain America: Winter soldier is not only full of awesome action scenes, heartbreaking moments and incredible character development but it’s also a film about love. It’s one of my favorite marvel movies and it should already be on your must watch list.

Captain America: Civil War

This is a film with a lot of moving parts and a lot of stuff happens within this movie. It begins with the avengers being on a mission where Wanda (the scarlet witch) accidentally kills a large amount of people. Iron Man is then approached by a women, after one of his speeches, who lost her son due to the above mentioned accident. He feels extremely guilty and then decides to take action by making the other avengers sign an agreement to be controlled by the U.S. Government. Steve is strongly against this and refuses to sign, he then sadly finds out about Peggy Carter’s passing and leaves to head to her funeral. Natasha heads to where the legislation is being signed and there she meets the Prince T’challa of Wakanda who is secretly the Black Panther and his father. But before anything can be signed an explosion goes off killing the King of Wakanda.


Bucky is subsequently wrongfully accused of the explosion and the death’s caused by it even though he had nothing to do with it. The person really responsible is a man who lost his family at the end of the second avengers, Helmut Zemo, who wants revenge for what happened to his loved ones. Captain tries to protect Bucky and warn him that they are wrongfully going after him with the help of falcon but he ends up getting caught and blamed for the attack. The Black Panther also chases after him to get revenge for his father. Bucky ends up being controlled by Zemo against his will and turns back into the winter soldier going on a rampage while it gives Zemo a chance to get away. Steve stops him and hides him away for his own safety.


Eventually there is a huge battle between the avengers and some other heroes like spiderman, Black panther and Ant man.They fight but Bucky and Cap escape with the help of black widow and go after Zemo. Iron man realizes that he had been wrong all along and is devastated after seeing what his actions have caused and how he imprisoned his friends. He goes after Steve and Bucky to apologize and sort things out properly but then Zemo decides to drop a bomb on Tony Stark revealing that the winter soldier killed his parents as one of his missions. He tries to kill Bucky in his rage and Steve protects him fiercely. They defeat him and head to Wakanda where they are protected by T’challa and his people after he realizes that Zemo was the man who killed his father not Bucky. This film leaves a lot in the balance especially the avengers and what will happen to them and their relationship towards each other. It’s a sad film overall but an important one in setting up what is to come for the avengers and the marvel universe in general. It’s a must see.

The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 1

First things first, the soundtrack for this movie is the actual best. It’s a funny, heartwarming movie that follows Peter Quill a boy from earth who was abducted by scavengers after his mother died in 1988. He was taken from earth and raised with them until he goes to steal an orb that he is not aware is very powerful and very dangerous. A thing that both Ronan and Thanos also want to obtain. But he just wants a quick buck and a way to continue living his lifestyle and earning cash quick. But when he tries to sell the orb on Xandar he is rejected and then Gamora tries to steal it while the odd pair of Rocket and Groot try to get Peter so they can get money for bringing him in. They all evidently end up in prison and eventually meet Drax after he tries to kill Gamora for being involved in the death of his wife and child.

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He is talked down and joins their group in their attempt to escape the prison. They get out and head to Gamora’s buyer which will make them all rich and then they can all go their separate ways, becoming the most unlikely of friends in the process. Something goes wrong however and the orb ends up exploding, Gamora does not feel right leaving it there and wants to hand it in to the people who just imprisoned them because they think it would be safest their. A drunken Drax calls Ronan and almost gets them all killed. They escape and are captured by the scavengers who have been looking for Peter and they enlist their help in stopping Ronan. They do stop him with the help of Nova Prime the army of Xander but the orb which is actually an infinity stone gets knocked out of its case. Peter catches it which he shouldn’t be able to do due to him being supposedly human then they all grab each other’s hands and stop the stone from destroying everything. Killing Ronan in the process and giving the stone to the nova prime to protect. This movie is one you should watch if you haven’t watched it yet. You’ll fall in love with these characters and this story.

Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman is funnier, geekier and even more lovable in this new and official adaptation of this beloved character. It follows Peter Parker after his first time fighting in civil war. He is bored of his mundane life and can’t wait to get back out there, waiting rather impatiently for his time back on the field.


Iron man plays almost a fatherly figure to Peter by teaching him the do’s and don’ts of being a hero. It’s a film with it’s ups and downs but overall it’s a hilarious movie with a great cast. Following a kid who is just excited about this new world that he gets to be a part of and having his first real villain to defeat. It’s an amazing movie that honestly will leave you laughing and wanting more.

Thor: Ragnarok

Even though this by far is one of the most hilarious marvel films to date, it’s also rather dark. Thor does and he doesn’t have fun in this film; from losing his father, finding out he has a crazy sister, getting dumped by Jane, losing his hair and an eye and at the end of it all losing his home; Asgard. He definitely goes through a lot in this film and loses a lot in it also. But he also gains things; a new ally, rebuilding his relationship with his brother, becoming better friends with Bruce Banner/ the hulk, becoming a stronger leader and learns that he has powers.


Though he goes through a lot and loses many important facets of his identity he also learns many new things about himself and his own abilities. This movie is one of my favorite’s as it is a film of growth for one of the avengers most powerful members. Where we get to see another side to Thor which is important as it allows us to get to know him better. This is a must see film so drop whatever you’re doing and watch this movie, you won’t regret it.

Black Panther



That’s literally all I could cheer after watching this film I felt so much pride for a country that doesn’t even exist. This movie was a rollercoaster of emotion from being funny to heart breaking it really took you on a journey with T’challa as he learned, and lost his country he cared for so deeply. Almost immediately you felt for this character and his loved ones and wanted what was best for them.

Along the way you fell in love with Martin Freeman’s character and cheered on Wakanda’s successes and mourned their losses. It was such an amazing movie with real important historical moments as well. I enjoyed that it didn’t shy away from talking about slavery and things of that nature. Even the villain was only doing these things as he thought they were right, he was only ever a product of the hard life he had to live. This is an amazing movie and an amazing story that everyone should bare witness to.


Overall, the Marvel universe is one that holds individuals of extraordinary abilities and lives.

Things that we can only imagine and yet they are still so human; they make mistakes, they only can try their best and nothing else. They aren’t perfect and I think that imperfection is exactly what draws so many people to this world. It makes it easier for us to see ourselves even in the most fantastical of people.

Do you agree that these are the best marvel films to watch? Let us know down below!
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