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4 Male Makeup Artists DOMINATING The Makeup World

4 Male Makeup Artists DOMINATING The Makeup World

Who are the newest trendsetters in the beauty world? Male makeup artists, of course. Take a look at these top male makeup artists who we love right now.

The newest stars of the makeup world are none other than male makeup artists. Male makeup artists bring something so new to the table that’s not only entertaining and creative, but surprisingly relatable! Nowadays, being a female makeup artist just isn’t cutting it. Instagram and YouTube have entered a different ball game due to this new trend. Seeing makeup in unique aspects on men creates such a unique way that makeup can transform someone. Top makeup brands have caught on to these pioneers and have collaborated with every single one. Whether it’s with contour, cut creases, drag looks or Halloween tutorials, male makeup artists have proven that they’ve got what it takes. Men have mastered the game of makeup and taken it to a different level proving that all shapes, sizes and genders have the freedom and creative space to do whatever they please in terms of makeup. Here’s four of the top trending male makeup artists you need to give a good look at!

James Charles

Three words: Talented, artistic and funny! Just a few words to describe (arguably) this generation’s top beauty guru … James Charles. James has taken the beauty world by storm, despite all of the controversy surrounding him. He began doing makeup only a year ago at a fresh 18-years-old. Charles’ career skyrocketed when he had a picture taken with a fan and his face was PURE white due to the powder he had used. The moment inspired countless memes, and quickly brought Charles to the top. This led to his campaign as the first ever male CoverGirl! He has surpassed over 10 million followers in less than a year between Instagram and Youtube, thanks to his relatable personality. His videos range from crazy, unconventional looks to beautiful golden glam with faux freckles! Some of his top videos include famous celebrities (Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms), Full Face Using Art Supplies, and A Basic Perfect Skin Tutorial. You can check out his channel here.

Here are some of the best male makeup artists!

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is the actual OG, who created the game of male makeup artists. He has about 13+ million followers combined and is most definitely one of the biggest names in the makeup industry. Not only his humor and super talented skills have kept him around for the past 12+ years, but he made a hit single in the start of his career which created a huge space for him on YouTube. Jeffree created his own cosmetics line, creating a huge splash in the makeup industry. Some of his creative and entertaining tutorials range from Full Face Using Kids Makeup, Boyfriend’s Makeup Tutorial and even Full Face Using Only Highlighters! You can check out his channel here.

Here are some of the best male makeup artists!


Known for his viral makeup tutorial with Kim Kardashian, PatrickStarrr is actually from Orlando! He rose to fame in 2013 and has since grown a total of 8 million followers. Patrick started his career behind the counter at MAC Cosmetics, and is one of the most memorable personalities on Youtube. His makeup style relies heavily around contour, so anyone that’s interested in seeing someone transform completely . . . Patrick is definitely the guru for you. Patrick makes sure to go in depth with each tutorial and shows different skin types and how to work with each one. He’s known for doing some of the biggest celebrities’ makeup on his channel such as Katy Perry, Kris Jenner, Maddie Ziegler, and even Rihanna! You can check out his channel here.

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Here are some of the best male makeup artists!

Manny MUA

All I can say to describe Manny MUA: CONTROVERSIAL. He literally covers every topic, and his entertaining personality leads to his enormous views. Talent and personality have brought him almost 10 million followers combined. He has tremendous relationships with other beauty gurus and creates great collabs with some of the biggest Youtubers, trendy makeup challenges, and relatable drugstore videos. Recently, he released an eye shadow palette called Life’s A Drag, a collaboration with Makeup Geek. His glam looks are absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for an all natural glam makeup look, he is the way to go! You can check out his channel here.

Here are some of the best male makeup artists!

Who are your favorite male makeup artists? Let us know in the comments below!

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