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5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

It can be hard out there as a vegan sometimes, especially depending on where you live! It isn’t always easy to find the right restaurants and grocery stores. One area in particular which can be a hassle for those who are just beginning their new vegan lifestyle is cosmetics; there are so many shady makeup brands out there, with animal testing and lack of product transparency running amuck in the industry. Here are 5 great makeup brands every conscious vegan ought to be aware of!

1. Elate Cosmetics

All of Elate’s products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, but this makeup brand didn’t decide to stop there! Elate offers beauty products of all kinds, everything single one of their products uses either bamboo or aluminum in place of plastic, and to top it all off, they offer refills to truly cut down on the amount of waste that your cosmetic expression creates. Elate donates to a number of charitable organizations, including but not limited to, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (three elephants are currently living because of Elate cosmetics!) as well as several women’s-based organizations.

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

2. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Native to Australia and based in a waste-free community, Dirty Hippie Cosmetics offers handmade products using homegrown ingredients inside recyclable and reusable tins and glass bottles! As added bonuses, the company is soon to relocate to a fully solar-powered headquarters, and they are involved in a number of charitable organizations whose causes range from animal rescue support to suicide prevention to cancer research centers!

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

3. 100% Pure

Like all the makeup brands who made this list, 100% Pure offers products which are vegan and free of cruelty. However, what sets them apart from other makeup brands is their ingredients, as well as their goals. 100% Pure is dedicated to using only the healthiest ingredients for your skin.

Many of their products include colors which were sourced from fruits, flowers and other naturally-occurring plant life forms! As if that wasn’t enough, 100% Pure also plants trees every time a product is purchased, and they donate to feed homeless dogs!

And if all that didn’t sell you, 100% Pure also uses 100% biodegradable shipping packaging, and their facilities are 100% solar-powered!

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

4. Aveda

Inspired by Ayurvedic practices in India, this wind-powered, holistic makeup brand utilizes ingredients to promote health and wellness in all of their products. Aveda is dedicated to products and processes which are friendly to customers, communities and the environment as a whole! Many of Aveda’s ingredients take advantage of latent aromatherapeutic properties to help to promote Zen and calm through scent!

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Do you hate pesticides and toxic fertilizers? Then go Aveda, because they work to persuade farmers worldwide to convert to organic agriculture! This is a very real problem across the world, as pesticides cause harm to plants, animals and people alike!

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

5. Arbonne

Arbonne is well-known among makeup brands and makeup artists as a pioneer in the vegan and cruelty-free industry. They formulate their products through the principles of green chemistry and work hard to take care of you and the Earth simultaneously! Arbonne’s very own charitable organization, the Arbonne Charitable Foundation, works to help teenage boys and girls to develop confidence and become who they were always meant to be!

5 Best Makeup Brands For The Conscious Vegan

Hopefully now, as a fresh, new vegan warrior, you feel as though you have someone to turn to for your cosmetic needs! Turns out, you have plenty of fantastic options. You’re not alone! Start supporting good causes today. Which brand did you choose? Let us know below in the comments!

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