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The 10 Best Lunch Spots In Rhode Island

The 10 Best Lunch Spots In Rhode Island

Here is a list of the best lunch spots in Rhode Island. These lunch places in Rhose Island are cute and quirky. If you need a cute lunch place in Rhode Island - this is your ultimate dining guide to Rhode Island lunch.

Rhode Island might be the smallest state but that doesn’t mean they lack on cute lunch places to grub at! From ocean views to fun, quirky restaurants here is a list of the 10 best lunch spots in Rhode Island

1. Cafe Water Street Bristol, RI

Crepes are no longer breakfast food! This cute little cafe serves crepes filled with almost anything.(ham, turkey, vegetables, fruit, Nutella, and even cheese) The view is spectacular looking out on a marina. ALSO they are open till 10 pm everyday but Sunday!



2. The Duck & Bunny Providence, RI

A SNUGGERY! What is that you ask? The Duck and Bunny classify themselves a snuggery which is basically a cozy place to eat and relax. The cozy atmosphere with brunch all day is the perfect place to dine and catch up!


3. Mews Tavern Wakefield, RI

The Mews tavern is the college student place to be! This cozy atmosphere makes it one of the quirkiest/cutest places to dine! There’s a freaking tree in the middle of the restaurant…The Mews have a wide variety menu and their pickle chips are the absolute best. This really is one of the cutest and best lunch spots in Rhode Island.



4. Crazy Burger Narragansett, RI

CRAZY BURGER! Not only is the decor adorable but this place really knocks it out of the park when it comes to food. Their burgers are amazing, their shakes are amazing, and their breakfast foods are AMAZING. They serve breakfast till 4 FYI. Also this little diner is a short walk from Narragansett beach!



5. The Cooked Goose Westerly, RI

My friends RAVE about this place. It is deff on my list of top breakfast/lunch places to dine. With a close location to the beach in the beautiful coastal town of Westerly…its even 5 minutes away from Taylor Swifts Watch Hill home! Family run business are always the best in my opinion and you get that sense of comfort when you dine here.


6. Diego’s Newport, RI

Ok I’m gonna be honest I am not a huge fan when it comes to dining outside BUT I always make the exception for Diego’s! They do have inside eating as well but WHY WOULDN’T YOU eat outside on their cute little patio in downtown Newport in the middle of summer?! Also their nachos are delish..and don’t even get me started on their crack fries.



7.  Chapel Grille Cranston, RI

Who wouldn’t want to eat in a historic cathedral?! Chapel Grille’s lunch menu is award worthy. You have to try their shrimp and coconut arancini for a starter! Also did I mention Chapel Grille is right near a huge shopping outlet?


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8. Julian’s Providence, RI

This cute little eatery on Broadway is the perfect place to have brunch with your girls! The atmosphere and dark colors makes it feel so cozy and laid back. Also the artwork is super neat.



9. The Beachway Grille, Charlestown, RI

Fresh fish tacos and NY style thin crust pizza is all I need to get me to dine here! A cute little restaurant with great cuisine and a beach vibe.


10. Beehive Cafe, Bristol RI

Everyone in RI buzzes about this place (pun totally failed but intended). The beehive has desserts, coffee, and a huge selection of healthy foods! Dine downstairs, outside on a deck, or upstairs! Great views of the water.



Hope you enjoyed my top 10 best lunch spots in Rhode Island.

Let us know what you think about the best lunch spots in Rhode Island in the comments below!
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