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Best Luggage Deals To Hit The Market

Best Luggage Deals To Hit The Market

Have plans to travel this summer? Well, don’t miss out on the best luggage deals to hit the market! 

Depending on how long your vacation is, the amount of luggage you bring with you will be affected. I want to help you save a ton of money by sharing the best luggage deals I could find online. 

You will be glad to have clicked on this article because you are in for a treat of the best luggage deals you can find on the web. 


Read on! 

1. American Flyer Fleur-de-Lis

This is by far one of the best luggage deals I’ve come across. It is a 5-piece spinner luggage set, which includes the following: 

  1. One 28-inch upright spinner
  2. One 25-inch upright spinner
  3. One 21-inch upright spinner
  4. One 18-inch wheeled duffel
  5. One 17-inch personal bag

The bags are composed of polyester and offered in only two-color, black and red. The design is very eye-catching making this an easy bag to notice on the luggage carousel. 


Further, all of the bags have carrying handles, straps, and zipper closures. There are also quite a few pockets on the uprights, personal bag, and duffel. For the safety of your personal items, locks and keys are provided with the luggage.  

With the purchase, you also have the opportunity to purchase a 2-year protection plan warranty at a low price of $29.49. Speaking of prices, this luggage set is going for $201.19. Has your jaw dropped yet? 

Let it also be noted that this luggage set is ranked #4 of 21 in five-piece luggage sets. What a great start as one of the best luggage deals for your travel huh? 


2. Merax

This is one of the best luggage deals offered at Walmart. It is a 3-piece hardside, spinner luggage set. It is offered in four colors, black, blue, purple, and red. This set is composed of a lightweight, durable ABS hardshell material. This provides you with a fashionable, yet functional, professional appeal to your luggage.

Also, the wheels rotate a full 360 degrees to help maneuver more easily without the noise. The handles are very sturdy, telescoping handles. 


Of all the best luggage deals, this should be at the top of your list because it is being sold at only $110. This set comes with a 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch, upright spinner suitcases. Also included is the combination lock on to secure your valuables during travel. 

This luggage set will not let you down and will last for many years to come. We still have more of the best luggage deals that meet your summer travel needs in its entirety. 


3. Rockland

This 4-piece luggage set is composed of a heavy-duty polyester and PVC backing. The set included three expandable uprights, 20-inch, 24-inch, and 28-inch, and a flight tote bag. On each of the uprights, there are two large front pockets. All of the pieces have an internal handle. The wheels on this set are skate wheels. 

This is one of the best luggage deals because the set is offered in 29 different colors and print. Talk about stylish! 

The set is being offered at $139.99 which includes a 5-year limited warranty. Definitely one of the best luggage deals huh? 


Let’s make 2020 the year of no regrets and take advantage of one of the best luggage deals online. You could get a set for your family and friends. They will love to stroll onto a cruise ship with a stylish luggage set this summer. 

4. Travelers Choice 

Here we go, another choice for the best luggage deals online. Duly note that I did not know Home Depot sold luggage. This is just one of the many things they sell that is just waiting to be discovered. I’m here to let you in on the secret. 


This versatile 5-piece luggage set is coupled with a 75% dropping the price to just $124.99. It is offered in black, grey, purple, and teal. The set includes the following: 

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  1. 28-inch expandable, rolling upright 
  2. 24-inch expandable, rolling upright 
  3. 20-inch carry-on, rolling upright
  4. 42-inch garment sleeve
  5. Flight tote bag

This provides you with a generous amount of space, perfect for long vacations or just in case you plan to bring back a lot of items from your time away. 


The wheels are recessed inline skate wheels with telescopic handle systems. The set is composed of polyester. This product is also available for a 90-day return. 

Still not won over by some of the best luggage deals above, well keep on reading because there is one more luggage set you need to know about. 


5. Away – Expandable

Serving as one of the best luggage deals to hit the market, as this suitcase is a durable, high-quality product. This bag allows you to pack a lot of material into a seemingly small suitcase. There is a built-n zip feature that increases the capacity of the luggage which in turn expands the body. Also, the bag is made with 360-degree spinner wheels, providing a smooth, noiseless riding experience. 

Another feature of the best luggage deals is that this bag is composed of water-resistant nylon. The interior is lined with an organization system, saving you a lot of space. There is a compression pad and water-resistant laundry bag. 

There is a handle on the top and side, providing you with the best flexibility in holding positions. There is another handle at the bottom of the bag, designated as the slip handle.  Also at the top is a 3-digit padlock just to make sure no is taking a peek in your luggage. 


The aesthetics are really cool too. The exterior is a red, rouge as described on the website, and the interior is a multi-colored camo print design. Everything about this bag shout class. 

It looks very elegant, fitting as one of the best luggage deals huh? You will enjoy seeing this bag coming around to you on the luggage carousel. 

Note that there are four sizes to this bag and they are all expandable. You have the carry-on, the bigger carry-on, medium, and large. 


There you go folks. That’s all I have to contribute to this list. Any other deals that caught your eye?