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10 Best Long Distance Apps For Couples

10 Best Long Distance Apps For Couples

Long distance relationships can be difficult, but having something to connect you from a far can be helpful.  Texting and FaceTime can become somewhat boring and romance becomes basically non-existent.  Having a few apps to help bring a little romance and excitement back into your long distance relationship can be exactly what you need.  Here are 10 of the best long distance apps for couples that are sure to put a little life back into your relationship.

1. Couple

An app specifically made for two people to communicate in a more intimate, private, and unique way.  You have your own private timeline that only you and your significant other will be able to see and post on.  One of my favorite parts of this app is that you and your SO can share a calendar and keep up with what the other is doing.  It’s fun and exciting and even includes a feature where you can “feel the touch” of your partner by tapping the screen.  

This app is great for any couple that wants to stay connected on a more romantic level.  You get to keep up with what they’re doing by using the calendar, send them intimate messages on the timeline, and they’re only a single “touch” away.


2. Without

A great app to show your loved one that you’re missing them, without just sending them a boring text.  Snapping a cute selfie to send to your significant other is the key feature of this app and I absolutely love it.  Instead of being impersonal and just sending them a snapchat pic, this app takes it to the next level.  Single tap selfie-notes give you the chance to post something cute and loving to surprise your partner during your busy days.  

Reminding your significant other that you are thinking about them during the day is going to put a smile on their face.  This app gives you the opportunity to do something sweet and simple to show your lover that you care.


3. WhatsApp

This app is amazing for texting, calling, sending pics, and all around communicating with your SO.  Long distance can be hard to maneuver and WhatsApp wants to help you through it all.  The app is simple but the overall goal is to help you communicate more effectively with your loved one.  It can be difficult to know the right way to get in touch with that special person, this app can help with that.


4. Touchnote

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard about this app earlier.  I absolutely love the entire idea behind it and the romantic touch to every note you receive.  Touchnote takes your personal messages and pictures and makes them into a beautiful post card that you can treasure forever.  Your significant other will love receiving this personalized postcard in the mail and will be surprised at how thoughtful it truly is.  Receiving one of these after being away from the person I love would make me so happy.

Touchnote makes it so easy to make your lover’s day and shows them just how much you miss them.  These postcards can help add a little romance into your long distance relationship, all while showing them you care.


5. Kast

For when you just want to sit down and watch a movie or tv show with the one you love.  You and your signifiant other can binge watch your favorite show and feel like they are right beside you even when they’re far away.  I love this concept and think it can really make your relationship stronger.  Feeling closer to your SO when you’re in a long distance relationship is exactly what you’re looking for.

Long distance apps like these are what make it easier.  So grab your favorite blanket, cuddle up in bed, download Kast, and get to watching!


6. 1-800-Flowers

This app is for when you want to send your lover a little something while keeping that original romantic touch.  Flowers are a staple in romance and sending a beautiful bouquet to the one you love is made so easy with this app.  There is no feeling better than receiving flowers and knowing that your SO is thinking about you.  If you’re looking for a helpful long distance app that doesn’t require too much time or effort, this is the one you should download.

7. HeyTell

When you want to hear your lover’s voice but a phone call may not fit into the schedule, HeyTell has you covered.  Sending short little voice messages back and forth can be all you need to feel connected to  your long distance significant other.  This app is so simple and convenient when you don’t have time to call, but also don’t want to type out a long message.  Show your lover you care with short loving messages throughout the day.  I promise it will bring a smile to their face.

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8. Journey

Journey is an app that can help you cope with your long distance relationship struggles.  This app is basically a journal that you can have at the touch of a button without having to physically carry a journal around.  Mental health is so important and a long distance relationship can negatively effect you so keeping up with your feelings and needs is important.


Writing down the way you feel and what your day has brought you can help keep you grounded and mentally healthy.  Sharing your thoughts and daily activities with your loved one can also show them that you care and miss them.  

9. Lovedays

Long distance apps like these are what keep the relationship alive and exciting.  Lovedays gives you countdowns to all your important dates.  For example, the next time you’ll see your significant other, your vacation to Hawaii, or your friend’s wedding.  You and your lover can look forward to these dates together and revel in the anticipation.  


10. Happy Couple

Happy couple is one of those long distance apps that is super fun while also strengthening your relationship.  The purpose of this app is to quiz each other and discuss your answers.  This can be great when you want to discuss something important but don’t want to make it a huge conversation.  Five short questions a day and Happy Couple can help you really get to know each other and what you want for your relationship. 


Which of these long distance apps will you be downloading onto your phone?  Let us know in the comments below!

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