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Best Light Set Up Ideas

Just moved into your new dorm? It can be intimidating at first, but all you need is a couple trinkets around to make the area feel more like you. Here are some of the best light setup ideas you can implement into your space to lighten up your room and spirit. 

1. LED Strips

LED strip lights are probably the most popular lights right now, as they are trending all over the globe. An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board populated by surface mounted light-emitting diodes and other components. Finding the perfect lights to suit you can be tricky, as there’s so many different options to choose from. To start you’ll need to take price into consideration. The more expensive the lights are the better the performance is going to be, and vice versa if you got cheap lights. The best lights to get would be around $30-70, with an exception of $30 or less if it’s on sale. The features that can come with the more expensive lights include; Bluetooth, sync options, different variety of colors, and more. The less expensive LED lights are most likely going to come with just a remote and very limited color options. The best place to buy LED strip lights are on Amazon, as you can read what other people had to say about them and you can see pictures. What also makes these specific lights stand out is the variety of different ways to hang them. You can go the classic way and line them on the walls, or you can hide them under lower surfaces in the room to make the room seem more “Luxury”.

2. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a college classic to have in your room. Christmas lights, also called fairy lights, festive lights or string lights are lights typically used for decoration in celebration of Christmas or outside events, but always on display throughout the Christmas season. There are tons of different colors of Christmas lights you can obtain, but unlike LED light strips, you have less to worry about. If you want a festive look you can most definitely get the classic Christmas lights, but if you want to keep things neutral you can buy the warm tone Christmas lights used at outside venues or events. The best thing about using Christmas lights in your room is the cheap price and easy set up. These lights can range from $10-80 depending on the complexity of the lights. The cheapest options are going to be traditional lights used for a tree or for house decor. The more expensive ones are going to be packed with amazing features such as Bluetooth. To set up these lights you don’t have to worry about the stress of them sticking to the wall like LED light strips, as all you really need is an office pin to place between the wires in order to get them to stick to the wall. You can also put them around your bed or desk for a more simple look. Fortunately, Christmas lights can be found at any electronics store and are typically very affordable depending on the length.

3. LED Laser Star Projector

One of the other most popular forms of light would be The Sky Lite. A product that instantly projects a field of drifting green stars against a transforming Blue and purple nebula cloud giving the full effect of a galaxy right above your ceiling. With no installation required, Sky Lite brings an instant ambiance to a party, gaming station, meditation space, or mesmerizing night light for your room. Not only is the light tranquil, but it requires no setup. All you need for this product is a wall to plug it into and then you can light up the night. Depending on the version you get, Sky Lite can run from $45-70 depending on the version you want. Like many LEDs this product has the option of Bluetooth if you want to spend some extra cash, if not you can get the classic one and have all the same features except Bluetooth. The best place to purchase those would be Amazon or Sky Lite website.

4. Sunset Projector

Due to its design, which uses a glass lens that houses an amber color LED, these lights really exist somewhere between a lamp and a projector. Whereas a normal lightbulb will emit a radiant glow, the sunset projection lamps throw a beam of a sunset color light up against your wall. Like the LED laser projector, the sunset lamp projector is very easy to set up because it comes built together. All you really need to do is plug it in. This lamp ranges from $12-50 depending where you buy it from and the quality. Nowadays there have been tons of third party markets selling these lamps with their own personal touch, so you have plenty of options. This classic lamp will just project the sunset color, as the newer lamps will come with a remote or Bluetooth to control what color the lights turn to. For example they have a normal sunset option, dawn option, purple and more personal options.

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5. Motion Activated Bed Light

The last light setup on our list is going to be a motion activated bed light. The motion activated bed light is a motion activated LED light placed typically under or on the side of your bed and when you step off it automatically lights up giving you the perfect amount of light. These are commonly found in upper class homes built into the bedding set, but you can buy the lights separately. What makes this light so special is the fact that it limits phone use. If you get up in the middle of the night, instead of using your phone flash, the motion activated lights will help guide you with the dim light they provide that isn’t too much for the eyes. You can buy these lights at electronic stores, but if you want the best for the best price go on Amazon and look around to see which light fits you. These lights can range from $20-100 depending on where you get them, how many, and features available.

With all these light set up ideas in mind, which was your favorite? Do you have any other light set ups to suggest? If you have any of these light set ups let us know how they work and if you’re satisfied with your purchase.

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