Best Late Night Food Spots In Boston

Boston, Best Late Night Food Spots In Boston

When it comes to living in a city, you can usually rely on places being open late. While Boston may not be as big as New York or having a 24 hour subway system, it definitely still has some great gems for grabbing food late at night. When you’re having late night cravings for some quick food, Boston has you covered. Here’s the best late night food spots in Boston:


Right in Harvard Square, Cambridge is Pinocchio’s. Known for their pizza, Pinocchio’s is one of the best places to find good pizza in Boston – and not just for late night food. This means, even if you’re not out late, and just in Cambridge – you should check out this cute, tiny spot for some Sicilian slices. You’ll notice even when you go in some well known celebrities have been there, including the best, Michael Scott – aka Steve Carell. You can find delicious buffalo chicken and tomato & basil Sicilian slices here. Pinocchio’s is special to college students, and all those who live and come to visit Cambridge and has been around for a few decades. They’re open past midnight everyday, and open until 2:30 AM on Saturdays. Next time you’re craving pizza, check out Pinocchio’s.

Best Late Night Food Spots In Boston

The Pour House

One of my most favorite spots in Boston is The Pour House – it is truly a treasure when it comes to being a bar and restaurant. Located on Boylston street in Back Bay, The Pour House brings a good atmosphere, great music, friends, sports games, and food together. Their menu is big with a variety of burgers, appetizers, breakfast, cocktails, beer, etc. The style of this restaurant is booths on two floors, with two bars and stools. They play a mix of music, and have a unique, eclectic feel when it comes to decorations. You can find inexpensive, bar food (such as my favorite ever – their buffalo chicken wrap) and watch a sports game on one of their TVs, or just stop by for a drink. It is super popular – even Rihanna loves it. They’re open from 8:00 am – 2:00 am everyday, so you can really rely on them for any meal of the day, including late night food in Boston.


There’s no doubt that Bovas is where everyone goes after clubs and bars close for late night food. This 24 hour gem in the North End of Boston ranges from calzones, arancini, cookies, pastries and more. You can always rely on Bovas for late night cravings, since they are always open, everyday, at all hours. Bovas truly adds to the appeal of the North End for being a staple in that area for quality treats and snacks anytime of day. If you’re going out in the city, and need to grab food afterwards – Bovas is a good place to stop at.

Mezcala Tex Mex

Another favorite restaurant for late night food in Boston is Mezcala Tex Mex (used to be known as Zumas). Located in Faneuil Hall Marketplace downtown, this place is a must for late night Tex Mex food. You might have walked past the sign for this place a ton of times if you were heading to Faneuil Hall. This is a cozy spot for a bar, and restaurant and great, great food. You can get endless chips and salsa here, try a refreshing cocktail, watch a Sox game on the TV, and eat some of the best buffalo chicken tacos you’ll ever have. Mezcala is open until 2 AM everyday, and you can also order takeout from there. Their menu is large, with a variety of options to choose from, especially when it comes to tacos (also their tacos are under $4, amazing). This is a great spot to check out with friends, and grab some late night food.

Best Late Night Food Spots In Boston

Rock City Pizza

If you live in the Allston-Brighton area, you may have stopped by Rock City Pizza before. This pizza place has delicious, pizza, subs, chicken tenders, parmesan truffle fries and mozzarella sticks that are perfect for late night food in Boston. You can order Rock City Pizza online for takeout and delivery. They are open late during the week until 10:30 PM, and even later the rest of the week, Thursday through Saturday, when they close at 2:30 AM. You can rely on Rock City Pizza for a ton of pizza choices, and yummy food for late night cravings or during the day.

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Tasty Burger

Sometimes we just really crave burgers, and for when we do – Tasty Burger is there for you. There’s a few locations of Tasty Burger in Boston, but the one in Fenway is the perfect spot for after a Red Sox game, or hanging out in the Kenmore-Fenway area. Here, you can find great burgers, including a veggie burger option, beer, fries, and another late night food spot that is open until 2 AM. So, when other restaurants stop serving food at a certain hour, you can head over to Tasty Burger for some late night food.

Insomnia Cookies

When you’re craving sweets at night, and don’t want to make cookies yourself – Insomnia Cookies can be ordered for takeout and delivery. This cookie chain, has a few locations in Boston, making it super popular and easy to find one close to you in the city. Insomnia Cookies has all the dessert cravings we could want for late night food, and is really reliable for finding fresh, warm chocolate cookies at 1:00 am. Insomnia Cookies has cookies, of course – and ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, and cake. It makes it even better knowing there’s a few of Insomnia Cookies in Boston, so it’s easier to find one for takeout or delivery when you’re looking for late night food spots in the city.

Best Late Night Food Spots In Boston

Have you been to any of these places for late night food in Boston? What are the best places to get late night food in your city? Let us know in the comments!
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