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The 10 Best Late Night Dining Options Near Emerson You Need To Know About

The 10 Best Late Night Dining Options Near Emerson You Need To Know About

College causes many students to become nocturnal. Lots of late-night studying, hanging with friends, or exploring the city. Boston has lots of great late-night dining options, and lots of them happen to be right near Emerson College! Here are the 10 best late-night spots to grab food that isn’t far from campus.

1. South Street Diner

If there’s one thing that everyone loves; it’s diner food. No matter the time of day, everyone loves a nice warm stack of pancakes or a classic burger. Lucky for Emerson students, South Street Diner is only a few blocks away, meaning comfort food is always an option.

Whether you love milkshakes or french fries (or milkshakes AND french fires), South Street Diner is the best place to go with your friends, no matter how late it is. The best part about the diner is that it is open 24 hours a day! It could be 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., but the South Street Diner will always be there ready to serve some yummy food.


2. Sidebar Boston

If you’re a sports fan or love the ambiance of a sports bar, Sidebar is a great place to bring your friends and hang! Their classic American-style pub fare is a hit, and it’s just up the street from Emerson.

Open until 1 a.m., Sidebar is a great place for a late-night snack. If you love chicken wings, Sidebar has a great deal for 15 cent wings all day and night. If you are over the age of 21, they also have great drink options and deals on game days.

3. Dumpling Cafe

An extremely popular place for Emerson students to go late at night is Dumpling Cafe! Emerson’s prime location right near Chinatown opens the door for some amazing food options, Dumpling Cafe being one of them.


If you love Chinese food, this is defiantly the place to go if you want to grab dumplings or scallion pancakes. Another great thing about Dumpling Cafe is that they deliver on Postmates and UberEats. If you don’t feel like going out in the cold to get some food one night, you can easily order and get it delivered.

4. Tasty Burger

Over in the Fenway neighborhood, Tasty Burger is an amazing burger place for you and your Emerson friends to enjoy. Open until 2 a.m., Tasty Burger offers burgers, fries, milkshakes and more!

They even offer vegetarian options for those who prefer to eat meat-free. Their milkshakes are to-die for, so Tasty Burger can also double as a great dessert option if you are just looking for something sweet.


5. Maria’s Taqueria

If you love Mexican food, Maria’s is the place to go. Maria’s Taqueria stays open until 1 a.m. and is the perfect place to go if you have a late-night craving for burritos.

The best part is that it’s just around the corner from Emerson, so you and your friends won’t have to go very far to get some delicious food. There prices are relatively cheap as well, so if you’re a broke college student, meals at Maria’s won’t break the bank!

6. New York Pizza

If there’s one thing that makes the perfect midnight snack; it’s pizza. Emerson is barely a 3 minute walk away from arguably the best pizza joint in the city: New York Pizza. It’s your typical pizza place, but it’s open until 3 a.m.!


All your pizza and Italian cravings are just around the block and available almost all night. Their prices are also cheap, meaning pizza is ALWAYS the answer. You and your friends will have a great time enjoying delicious New York style pizza at any time of day.

7. Beard Papa’s

Dessert is the most important part of everyones day, so knowing exactly where the best places are near Emerson is vital. If you are a big fan of cream puffs and other pastries, Beard Papa’s is the place for you!

Open until 11 p.m., Beard Papa’s has so many unique pastries and flavors that you and your friends will be dying to go back! Anything from Oreo crumble cream puffs to green tea donuts, they have whatever you can dream up!


You can also order through GrubHub if you and your friends don’t want to walk there, although it’s not too far from Emerson’s campus. You also can place a huge order of pastries and desserts to last you for days!

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8. FoMu

Another great place to get dessert is FoMu, a made-from-scratch, plant based, vegan ice cream spot! Although it’s a train ride away from Emerson’s campus, their delicious treats make the train ride totally worth it!


FoMu has everyones favorite flavors like cookies and cream, peanut butter cup, and of course the classic vanilla and chocolate. The best part is it is vegan ice cream as well! It’s also a healthier alternative to typical ice cream, so Emerson students love adventuring down to the back bay for it.

9. J.P. Licks

Another great dessert place is J.P. Licks! Located just a few blocks from Emerson, J.P. Licks is the perfect place for your late-night ice cream and cold treat needs!

Open until 12 a.m., J.P. Licks offers so many different ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt flavors. Whether you love something chocolatey or fruity, there is defiantly a flavor for you! They also offer a great array of sizes, so if you want a little or a lot of ice cream, you can get it all.


J.P. Licks also delivers on Postmates and UberEats, so great quality ice cream can show up right at your door!

10. Insomnia Cookies

Although it’s a train ride away, Insomnia cookies is the best late-night dessert option in Boston. Open until 3 a.m., Insomnia Cookies is a hot spot for college students.

If you love warm cookies and other sweet treats, this is a must-go. They also have lots of options to add ice cream to your treats, which is to-die for! And of course you can never have cookies without a cold glass of milk, which Insomnia Cookies also sells.


They also sell big packs of cookies in case you want to bring some home to share with friends, or keep them for yourself. Emerson students need to treat themselves with Insomnia Cookies, so grab a group of friends and head out, no matter how late it is!

Late-night food is essential for college students to survive mid-term and finals week, so knowing exactly where to go is important. There are so many great places right near Emerson College that you and your friends can check out if you are feeling hungry one night! Let us know your favorite late-night food places in the comments below!

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