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Best Laptop Brands For College Students

Best Laptop Brands For College Students

There are many aspects to being a college student, and you will need various items in order to make your life in school as stress free as possible. With technology being such a crucial part of society today, it is normal for most of our lives to be on our computers.

One of the most important parts of your college life revolves around which laptop you use, as laptops are almost a requirement for any college student.

With there being numerous well known laptop brands to choose from, it can be difficult to decide just which one to commit and spend your money on. With that said, here are the best laptop brands for college students!


Apple Macbook – $1400

The first on this list of amazing laptop brands to buy is a household name in the technology world; Apple. They are the most popular and widely used laptop brand among college students, and for great reason!

Apple is widely known for their ease of use and comfort, and most especially for the compatibility. If you use any other Apple devices (such as the iPhone, or the iPad), your experience with a macbook will be even better, as the calling app Facetime, and the texting app (iMessage) syncs all your contacts on all your devices!

Using the laptops also feel great, and not to mention, they look quite fashionable. Overall, you cannot go wrong with getting a macbook, no matter what courses you take throughout the year. There are numerous apps that come with these laptops that will immensely help you through college (such as video editing apps, calendars, etc).


I cannot recommend them enough! There are two types of macbook laptops, and students more often go for the Macbook Air, which are generally lighter and cheaper as well.

Best Laptop Brands For College Students

Microsoft Surface – $1400

Microsoft is undoubtedly a giant in the computer industry, and their desktop computers are the most widely used on the planet. When it comes to laptops, Microsoft are no slackers in that department either.


The Microsoft Surface is an incredibly useful, stylish, realistic, and comfortable device which every college student would highly benefit from using. It is small, but big enough (you know what I mean), and does everything you would want a laptop to do.

The laptops have a unique design, and can function as a tablet as well by folding inwards! They are equipped with Microsoft’s very own Cortana, which is an extremely useful voice assistant that will help with any of your problems.

The compatibility between the Surface laptop and other Microsoft products is also quite outstanding, such as the Surface Headphones, and the Xbox consoles.


They are extremely light, and well worth considering for any student!

Razer Blade – $1865

Razer is one of the most popular gaming accessory companies on the planet, going from their crazy keyboards, to unique gaming mice and computers. Their laptops are absolutely no joke either, as they are the powerhouse for gaming laptops worldwide.

If you are a college student and love video games, make sure to give any Razer product a look at, as they are definitely worthwhile (especially the Razer Blade).


The laptop is made with a top notch design, and looks very visually appealing. The keyboard is highly customizable, and you can create an endless amount of lighting and coloring patterns throughout the entire laptop.

It is also equipped with all of the Razer goodies that come with their products; including their audio improving system (which make whatever you listen to crystal clear)!

If you are into design, gaming, or just love flashy lights, this laptop is most definitely for you!


Best Laptop Brands For College Students

Lenovo Thinkpad – $2400

Lenovo has been going a little bit under the radar in recent years, but their products are stronger than ever before. The Thinkpad is quite innovative, and looks very appealing! It is somewhat similar to the Microsoft Surface as it can double up as a large tablet if you like (keep in mind the laptop has the touchscreen feature as well).

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This laptop is more expensive than the others on the list, but if it still fits in your budget, you should most definitely consider it!

The laptop is extremely fast, coming with 256gb of the latest SSD storage, as well as having a useful fingerprint reader! It is not only great for studying, but for watching your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere as well.

While the price is hefty, it is worth it, and you will love the Thinkpad like it is your own baby, finding that you almost cannot live without it.


MSI – $1800

Last, but definitely not the least, is MSI. MSI (Micro Star International) is a staple name in the laptop industry for gaming. Just like with Razer, you are guaranteed getting the top notch quality, design, and performance any gamer would want in a computer.

These laptops are next level, they are extremely powerful, fast, and easy to use. They allow you to multitask very easily, and come with the latest graphic cards so you can play your favorite games wherever you want!

The monitors come in various sizes, so you just select whichever based on how wide and immersive you want your gaming experience to be. Keep in mind that while these laptops are excellent for gaming, they excel in numerous other areas as well.


Similar to Razer, you have a plethora of customization options, both for your keyboard, and any external mice you get (if it is MSI compatible). The battery power means the laptop will last the entire day, and you will be able to handle all your photo and video editing on it quite easily.

The only downside to this wonderful device is the stocky nature. It is heavier than the other laptops on here, which is why it is at theĀ  bottom of the list. It is still quite light, and if the stocky nature is alright with you, this laptop will be a great option for your college life!

Best Laptop Brands For College Students


These are the best laptop brands for college students! No matter which laptop you end up getting, all these are amazing options! Let us know in the comments which laptop brand you plan on going with, and why you like it so much!

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