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10 Best LA Restaurants For Your Fall And Holiday Indulgences

10 Best LA Restaurants For Your Fall And Holiday Indulgences

Have a hankering for a holiday favorite? Check out this list of the best LA restaurants for your fall and holiday indulgences!

Holiday season is right around the corner and we all know that this is the best season for going all in and satisfying all your extravagant indulgences. Los Angeles is a major culinary hub, and offers a variety of restaurants with unique food menus you’ll never find anywhere else. Whether you are a sweet or savory person, you have here a full list of the best LA restaurants for your fall and holiday indulgences!

1. Bottega Louie

I guarantee this restaurant will satisfy your sweet tooth and deserts with its variety of desserts and sweet treats. Their specialty are macaroons, making you feel like you are traveling to Paris, France. To prepare for the Holiday season, you must step a foot into this expensive but worthy sweet paradise!

2. Syrup

As another restaurant with European indulgences, Syrup is famous for its delicious Belgian waffles and French crepes. You will experience a full European “indulgent” journey by coming to Syrup!


3. Café Gratitude

This restaurant is a way to indulge in a healthy way. It is a 100% organic plant-based restaurant specializing in gourmet cuisine. Among many other options, they offer Thanksgiving pies ranging from pumpkin pie to pecan pie and chocolate coconut cream pie. I know all those indulgences are mouthwatering for all of you. And it’s perfect for Thanksgiving season.

4. Salt and Straw

If you are an ice cream foodie, you must go to this place and if you are not, you might become one by going there. This restaurant offers the most unique flavors of ice cream and for the upcoming thanksgiving season, fall flavors are now available and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Flavors include Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans, Buttered Mashed Potato and Gravy, Cranberry Walnut Stuffing, Spiced Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Pie or Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey. I warned you, it’s worth the time to make this happening!

5. Squirl

This restaurant offers a range of sweet indulgences as well as savory indulgences, all giving you a fall/holiday feeling. Fall Sweet indulgences include chocolate and hazelnut butter toast, buckwheat pancakes with cocoa nib pudding, coconut and maple syrup as well as a vegan brown rice porridge with homemade almond milk. Fall savory indulgences include a squash tartine with winter root veggies and green granule creme fraiche, the loaded sweet potato, and a salad made with apples, honey vinaigrette, bitter greens and other unique ingredients. Everything is a little pricey but still definitely worth it. Below is a picture of their seasonal thanksgiving specialty: the Sweet Potato and House Made Miso Tart.


6. Rice Bar

As a cheapest alternative, Rice Bar offers Filipino comfort food which means rice bowls coverage with sausage and eggs and pickled veggies. It is a way to get international for holiday season and experience another type of comfort food.

7. EggSlut

The name of this restaurant is as intriguing as the food offered there. It’s easily the most creative name out of the best LA restaurants. To give you a snapshot, one of their specialties is called “Slut” and consists of a cage-free egg on top of a potato purée, topped with gray salt and chives, and served with slices of baguette. Another specialty is the buttermilk biscuit served with butter and maple syrup. I guarantee you a unique culinary experience at this restaurant!

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8. The Original Philippe

This restaurant has been around for 100 year and offers the mythic and unique French Dip Sandwich. You should google it right now if French Dip Sandwich does not ring a bell for you because there is a whole history behind it. It is easily one of the best LA restaurants. It’s cheap, delicious food and a historic place!

9. Aussie Pie Kitchen

This restaurant is the place to be if savory Aussie pies are your favorite comfort food! This Santa Monica’s king of pies will make you taste a diversity of savory pies other than the traditional chicken pot pie. From the cheeseburger pie to the “Greek” Veggie/ Ratatouille Pie, you will satisfy your savory indulgence for the Holiday season.

10. Beer Belly

I kept the most decadent restaurant for the end where you will satisfy all indulgences you may have during the Holiday Season. Indulgences include duck fat fries, the pork cheek chili cheeseburger, buttermilk fried chicken, the deep fried pop tart, deep fried oreos, fois gras popcorn, and many other extravagant food options.

What do you think the best LA Restaurants are for fall and holiday indulgences? Comment below and share the article!
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