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The 15 Best Kitchen Products On Amazon You Need Right Now

The 15 Best Kitchen Products On Amazon You Need Right Now

Whether you have a studio apartment, small apartment or big apartment, finding the right kitchen essentials for your apartment is a must. When it comes to kitchen decor and accessories, these are the best kitchen products on Amazon!

Amazon is the hub of finding things that you didn’t know you needed but now desperately need to have in your life. They have awesome products from electronics to clothes, and sometimes at a bargain! Here are some of the coolest and best kitchen products on Amazon you’ll definitely want for your apartment!

The 15 Best Kitchen Products On Amazon You Need Right Now

1. Cordless electric wine bottle opener

Because when you want wine, you want it now. This product will speed up the process significantly. Plus, it’s only $20! Totally worth it.




2. Aluminum can compactor

For when you’ve finally had enough of trying to smoosh the cans in your hand and cutting yourself on the sharp aluminum edges. You’ll save room in the trash or in the recycling bin!


3. Classic silicon pop molds

For the little kid in you, buy this and use it every day. After all, wasn’t one of the best parts of growing up putting random liquids in these molds and seeing what kind of Popsicle would result after freezing it all day?


4. French fry cutter (with 3 different sized blades)

This might run you a little money depending on what kind you get, but it’s good to splurge every now and again. Finally you don’t have to drive all the way to McDonald’s for those perfect fries anymore!


5. Mortar and pestle

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Those things are so old school, slow, and difficult to use. The brilliant thing about a mortar and pestle, though, is that its purpose is twofold. One: you can actually use it to grind up your herbs (it’s not hard to do once you get the technique right). Two: it can serve as a gorgeous decoration piece!



6. Foldable bamboo dish-drying rack

None of us wants to take the time not only to wash all of the dishes but to dry and put them away in the same sitting. Instead of piling all your dishes on top of each other on the counter, use this! The bamboo has a chic look and it folds up for easy storage when someone does decide to put away the dishes!

7. Butterfly anti-fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue mats are used to reduce the amount of strain on the body from standing for relatively lengthy periods of time. Getting one for your kitchen is perfect, because cooking is an art that requires time and patience! Not to mention, everyone loves butterflies, right?



8. State-shaped cutting board

There are cutting boards that represent almost every state available for purchase on Amazon! Granted, some states will work better than others… But this is a fun and creative way to increase your state pride while getting some work done in the kitchen!

9. Ceramic pineapple spoon rest

The whole pineapple craze is undoubtedly still in. What better way finally join the trend than by putting a cute pineapple spoon rest atop your stove?



10. Tension-arm paper towel holder

A standard paper towel holder? Too boring. Increase your idea about the usability of paper towel holders by buying one with a tension-arm to stabilize the roll. Forget about those times when you accidentally pulled off half  the roll of paper towels because it just kept spinning!

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11. Sandwich bag racks

Are you like everyone else in the world that has issues holding open a sandwich bag long enough to actually put things inside? Apparently, there’s an easy (and pretty cheap at $10 for a 2-pack) solution! These racks hold open your sandwich bags for you so you can much more easily and quickly pack away your lunch!



12. Bottle (and plastic bag) dryer

It’s a challenge to try and let bottles dry on their own. You place them upside-down, the moisture is trapped with no release. You place them right-side up, all the moisture sits in the bottom of the cup. This device lets you dry up to 8 bottles at once! If you one who likes to re-use plastic bags, it works for that, too!

13.  Refrigerator soda can organizer

Having to deal with the large hunk of cardboard that soda cans come in is always a pain. Whether you leave the cans in there (delaying the inevitable) or take them out right away, it’s a hassle to try and organize your cans without it, but it’s annoying to deal with at the same time. This organizer takes the disposable cardboard aspect out of the equation and provides a little more room for storage. The perfect solution!




14. Plastic bag dispenser

I’d wager a bet that almost every household has that one cabinet or drawer reserved only for the plastic bags you get from the supermarket. I mean, you just have to use them for the little trash cans in your house! Instead of taking away vital storage space, get a dispenser that can store a decent amount (you don’t need ALL of those. For your own sake, throw a few away).


15. Kitchen sink caddy organizer

There’s a rag, a sponge, a drain stopper, dish soap, and a dish scraper. Where they are at any given point in time is completely random. They could all be falling beneath the ever-growing pile of dishes for all you know. That’s why you really need something to keep them all in their place. Not to mention, a high-quality silicon organizer is only $15!

Out of the best kitchen products on Amazon listed here, which are your fave?! Let us know down below!
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