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10 Best Kent Restaurants To Try Near Campus

10 Best Kent Restaurants To Try Near Campus

One of the perks of Kent State is the city of Kent surrounding the campus. Downtown has an amazing selection of Kent restaurants and shops to enjoy and never get bored of. Whether you want to stay on campus or explore downtown, keep scrolling for 10 of the most noteworthy restaurants in Kent that you must try—or you won’t be allowed to graduate. Just kidding, but seriously, you need to try these.

Twisted Meltz is seriously one of the best Kent restaurants you can dine at!

1. Mike’s Place

Mike’s Place is the #1 place out of all Kent State restaurants you must visit while at Kent State. The restaurant has an amazing atmosphere and the food is delicious. The exterior and interior are a sight to see itself, and then the food just tops off your unique experience there.



2. Twisted Meltz

If you love grilled cheese, Twisted Meltz is perfect for you! Twisted Meltz has the best grilled cheese. Plus, if you don’t feel like going to the restaurant, you can order online and they can deliver to you.




3. Fresco Mexican Grill & Salsa Bar

If you love Mexican but you are sick of Chipotle, Fresco is the place for you. The restaurant strives on having fresh ingredients and food, and the service adds to the great experience. The food is incredible and it is a perfect, casual place to enjoy some tasty Mexican food.



4. Eastway

Eastway is a classic food option at Kent State. If you or one of your friends have a meal plan, hit up Eastway diner. The omelets for breakfast are a total must-have.


5. Rosie’s

Rosie’s is another dining hall inside Kent State Residence halls that is a necessity. It’s located inside Tri-Towers and is also open 24-hours. After those late nights, or whenever you’re craving a milkshake or something fried, you can hit up Rosie’s and they’ll deliver it right to your dorm.



6. Peace, Love, & Little Donuts

Peace, love, & Little Donuts is the newest and cutest place to eat in downtown Kent. Their donuts are adorable and also absolutely delicious. From their coffee to their donuts to their trendy atmosphere, this is the place to try when you’re in Kent!



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7. Popped!

Popped is located in downtown Kent. It has various popcorn flavors, even popcorn covered in chocolate or caramel. What gets better than that? It makes for a perfect snack and the cute shop adds to the amazing visit.




8. Yogurt Vi

If you are looking for dessert in Kent, Yogurt Vi is where you want to go. There are various flavors and toppings for you to make your perfect, custom treat. Plus, the location is right in downtown Kent. You can sit with friends in the window and enjoy looking out while having your delicious yogurt.



9. Prentice Café

Prentice is another Kent State residence hall worth visiting. It is the first gluten-free dining hall on any college campus in America. Prentice is perfect for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and healthy-eating students.



10. EuroGyro

EuroGryo is the perfect pizza place! The pizza is known to be so great because of the fresh, made-everyday ingredients, and the gyro sauce. The even better part of EuroGyro is that they will deliver for those days you don’t feel like leaving home.

What are your favorite Kent restaurants to dine at near campus? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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