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Best Italian Places Around UNT

Best Italian Places Around UNT

Italian food is known to be most people’s comfort food and it is so easy to find as there are endless restaurants offering pizzas and different kinds of pasta and other various Italian meals. But in the Denton area, there are only a few restaurants that taste almost as delicious as Mama’s cooking. Here are just a few examples of a variety of restaurants ranging from cheap and affordable all the way to fine dining.

Fera’s Pasta & Pizza

If you are looking for delicious and extremely affordable Italian food with fast service and excellent to-go options, Fera’s Pasta & Pizza is your place! The cozy atmosphere inside the restaurant is much appreciated by guests hoping to have a casual night out. The low lighting and tree trunk beams give it a rustic yet romantic setting without putting too much emphasis on either.

Rated 4.4 stars on Google, the restaurant itself has received much praise for its delightful dinner rolls served as complimentary appetizers before every meal. They serve classic meals such as cheese ravioli and veal Marsala. Their dessert, however, tends to take the cake, if you will. The tiramisu is noted as one of their most popular desserts, given loads of praise in the Google reviews posted online. The light frosting sits atop a bed of crushed ladyfingers soaked in rum and coated in cocoa powder. Simply delicious.


Crooked Crust

Located on the infamous Fry Street near the university, Crooked Crust is one of Denton’s trademark places to visit. Catering to the young, broke college student scene, Crooked Crust offers big pies for cheap prices. Their unlimited toppings and affordable happy hour prices tend to draw people to their restaurant. The area around Crooked Crust tends to be extremely busy so that means parking can be a bit of a problem. Despite that though, the place is still has a rating of 4.6 on Google.

One of their most famous pizzas is an homage to our lovely university, The Mean Green. Topped with artichoke, chicken, mozzarella, and pesto sauce, showcasing both of our gorgeous school colors. Since UNT is so close to Crooked Crust, they take pride in knowing that many of their customers are students. Locals recommend this place to others because they know it is the best place to get affordable pizza and also have a great time.

Don Camillo Italian Cuisine Inc.

Family-owned businesses are a typical Italian cliche. They offer a variety of classic Italian dishes as well as woodfired pizza. Despite being a bit further from the other locations, this one is worth the drive. Located in Corinth, Texas, the drive is not too far for someone on the hunt for some tasty Italian cuisine. They call themselves a “trattoria” which is a kind of Italian restaurant that serves simple, classic food.


Many customers can concur with the 4.6 ratings left on Google, stating that most of them have gone through the menu and have yet to try a dish that they did not like. People have come from far and wide to try their food and have been pleasantly satisfied. One thing to note about this restaurant is that it is open only for lunch and for dinner. For lunch, the hours of operation are from 11 am to 2 pm. As for dinner, they are open from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Compared to the previously listed restaurants, this one is slightly more expensive and it is a bit fancier but still casual enough to offer takeout. It is dimly lit and offers a glimpse into the kitchen, showing you portions of how your meal is getting assembled.

Genti’s Ristorante Italiano

Another family business that has been around for generations, Genti’s Ristorante Italiano is a very traditional homestyle restaurant that leaves you satisfied every time you leave their establishment. Unlike the previous restaurants mentioned, Genti’s is unique in the sense where it offers live shows and other events like seminars. One that they are hosting in November is called Hormones Seminar: A Natural Approach, which is about functional medicine and getting to the root of the problem. It is going to be hosted by Dr. Russ Otto MD.


One thing that I liked the most about Genti’s is the fact that they offer outdoor seating. The building itself is gorgeous and the seating outside is wonderful. This restaurant is rated 4.3 and is located just a bit further than Don Camillo Italian Cuisine Inc in the city of Hickory Creek.

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Genti’s also serves bread as a complimentary appetizer and their portions are quite generous, not leaving much room for anything else except some dessert. They offer their own dinner specials like seafood fra diavolo which is their take on a seafood special. It includes mussels, fresh calamari, and shrimp all mixed in a garlic marinara sauce. They also offer gluten-free pasta options.


Bistecca- An Italian Steakhouse

An amazing choice for upscale dining and delicious cuisines, Bistecca combines New American vibes with an Italian twist. Being the highest-rated restaurant of the ones listed with a 4.7 rating, it certainly does live up to it. It is only open for dinner from 5 PM to 10 PM Monday through Thursday, 5 PM to 11PM Fridays and Saturdays, and Sundays they close much earlier at 9 PM.

Bistecca is one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Denton and it also has the pleasure of having an award-winning chef, Morris Salerno, there to cook and prepare all of your gourmet meals. The Salerno Family is incredibly involved in the making and upkeeping of this fine institution.  The restaurant offers an extensive wine list, helping you pair any dish with a delicious bottle. Their prices are nothing outrageous for the quality of food that is going to be provided.

Bistecca also offers catering for any events you need tending to. Reservations for the restaurant are also recommended if you do not wish to wait forever to be seated.


What’s your go-to spot when you’re craving comfort, and carbs?!

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