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Best Italian Dine In Restaurants In Toronto

Best Italian Dine In Restaurants In Toronto

Italian food is undoubtedly one of the most diverse and tasty food you’ll find anywhere. There are numerous options of Italian dine-in restaurants to eat at no matter what your taste is. There is somewhere for everyone, no matter the eating budget. That being said, here are the best Italian dine-in restaurants in Toronto!

Mistura – $$$$

We’re starting the list with this upscale restaurant located at the heart of downtown Toronto. The place surrounding it increases the elegant feel of the restaurant itself, making you feel like royalty.

While it is on the expensive side, Mistura will make your money and time worthwhile and leave you craving for more. After giving their famous red beet risotto or their lamb ribs a try, you’ll understand why this is the go-to Italian restaurant in Toronto.


The restaurant is very ethical about how they make their food as well, which is great quality. They make all their food by hand and get all their ingredients from local sellers (supporting the community of Toronto in the process).

If you want to have a special meal for yourself, friends or family, this is more than the perfect place to go, as you will never want to leave. They’re always fully booked so make sure to reserve your spots well in advance.

Grazie Ristorante – $$

Grazie is certainly no joke of a restaurant. The food, staff, and vibrant atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in paradise. Their Napoletana is some of the best pasta you will find in all of Toronto; it is simple linguine (thick spaghetti) mixed with shrimp and clams, yet cooked as perfectly as humanly possible. This dish, along with the rest of their menu, is so mouth-watering it sounds too good to be true.


People say it’s the little things that count, and the presentation of their food is one of a kind and is a bonus in my eyes.

Grazie is a great option regardless of budget, and it will not burn some holes in your pocket if you’re worried about that. Eating at this restaurant is an experience you will definitely want to have, as you will never forget it.

Trattoria Fieramosca – $$$

Trattoria is yet another exquisite Italian restaurant that, and similar to Mistura, is located in the busiest part of downtown Toronto. However, that’s where the similarities end, as Trattoria is quite unique.


Don’t get me wrong, the food here is not considered cheap, but instead very well priced, not causing you to break the bank. Trattoria is as inclusive as restaurants come, as they are both vegetarian-friendly, and have a variety of vegan options (which can be stressful to find in an upscale Italian restaurant).

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Their staff is extremely friendly, and their menu is so good, you can throw a dart anywhere and fall in love with whatever meal the dart lands on.


The way their menu and meals are set up allows for some very interesting meal combinations, such as getting the grilled calamari with the shrimp filled gnocchi, and a little bit of their famous veal piccata. It makes you feel like you truly have any type of Italian food you want here, which makes the overall experience really refreshing.

7Numbers – $$

7Numbers is the last restaurant on our list, but definitely gives the most bang for your buck. The menu is the cheapest out of the restaurants listed, but by no means does the food itself taste cheap. The service is top-notch, and you place your order from their Ipads, minimizing confusion on the items you order.

The atmosphere provides a chill vibe, perfect for a date, function, or get together. I highly recommend you try their Agnello Brasato (braised lamb), it’s truly one of a kind, as are the majority of the items on the menu.


Overall, the experience you’ll get at 7numbers is one that will leave you wanting more. You completely forget the price is cheap, and enjoy excellent pasta, customer service, and entertainment.

There are our best Italian dine-in restaurants in Toronto! If you have any restaurants you feel should have made the list but didn’t, make sure to let us know in the comments!

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