Best iPad Apps You Should Download

An iPad is a great tool for anyone because it can do so much more for you than your phone and recreate your laptop to a degree. Although it can be difficult to figure out how best to utilize an iPad if you don’t know where to begin. If you just purchased an iPad or have one and are unsure of how to get the most out of it this list is for you. These are apps designed to be used perfectly on an iPad. These apps range from being useful, organizational and just plain fun. A few of these apps are meant to be used with an Apple Pencil or stylus but there are still plenty on this list that require simply your finger.

These are the apps that you should download on your iPad pronto. You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without these apps.


If you have an Apple Pencil you absolutely need to invest in GoodNotes. They recently came out with their latest version, which provides more abilities than prior versions. In GoodNotes you can take notes as if you had a notebook. It’s great if you bought an iPad for school, you’ll have all your notes in one safe and compact place. You can create your own notebooks, folders and pick from a variety of paper templates. Whether you’re looking for blank, grid, list or more this app has it. This iPad app also has been raved about with its compatibility with the Apple Pencil. You won’t have to worry about your hand drawing lines while writing. You can also insert photos from textbooks, Pinterest or create your own washi tape to make your own digital bullet journal. It’s so popular that people actually have made templates you can download and use in this app. If anything this is the app that will save your life and make you the queen or organization.

Best iPad Apps You Should Download


This app is for anyone who has slightly considered learning digital art. It’s a great place to start for beginners into the digital art world or the art world in general. There’s a plethora of brushes you can choose from, you can upload photos, and the color range is everything you could possibly need. Procreate is very user-friendly, it isn’t nearly as complicated as trying to throw yourself into Photoshop. It’s easy to delete, add layers, and create clean crisp shapes. Recently Procreate now allows you to import fonts and write texts in there. If you’re not incredibly artsy it’s still a great place to learn calligraphy in, there are actual pens specific to that.

Best iPad Apps You Should Download

Apple iWork

If you have a Mac these symbols may be familiar to you. They’re the Apple iWork; Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You may be thinking why have those apps on your iPad, well it’s because these apps will help you get the most out of your tablet. In conjunction with the Cloud you can turn your iPad into a borderline tablet. While it may be difficult to type using just the iPad all you’d need is a wireless keyboard and viola you have yourself an easier to transport laptop. Even without a keyboard it will still help save the day if you’re out and about and need to quickly edit a paper but don’t want to do it on your phone. Having your KeyNote app will also make it easier to look at notes the next time you’re giving a presentation.

Best iPad Apps You Should Download


The Kindle app will allow you to actually turn your iPad into a Kindle. Here you can have all of the functions an actual Kindle would give you. This will make traveling so much easier. You can download books before getting on a long flight. Also if you’re a student this is an easier way to have textbooks, rather than having to carry five ginormous books on campus you can have it all in your iPad. If you have an iPad and consider yourself to be an avid reader or even a recreational reader this is an app you need. It’s easier to carry your library with you digitally than having to find storage in a small dorm or apartment.

Best iPad Apps You Should Download


Obviously, if you have an iPad you’re going to need some sort of entertainment. The Netflix app for iPad is very user-friendly. It’s easy to operate, everything still looks great and with the new feature where you’re able to download a certain amount of shows at a time, it’s great to take with you on a road trip. While this app may not be the most important of the apps on this list, all work and no play will burn you out faster than a 3-wick candle. Plus having Netflix on your iPad will force you to actually work on your laptop.

Best iPad Apps You Should Download

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