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Top 10 Best Interview Tips

Top 10 Best Interview Tips

Here are a few interview tips to complete the most important part of the hiring process. It might scary, but with the right steps, you won't have a problem.

Whether you’re getting a job at a law firm downtown or working at a Traditions location on campus, interviews are the most important part of the hiring process. It might be the scariest part, but with the right steps and a good attitude, you won’t have a problem. With these ten interview tips I’ve generated, you’ll be able to land any job!

1. First Impressions Matter

Most jobs are able to tell if you’re the right fit based off the first interaction. Make sure your look is polished and professional. This way, it’ll provide a good impression to your future bosses and make you feel more confident as well!

2. Smile!

Continue creating a great impression by smiling and engaging in conversation. Smiling is a great way to make your interviewer more comfortable with you, which is one of the key interview tips because you would’t want him or her to be afraid of you. Even if you’re not a bubbly extrovert, a smile can go a long way.


3. Research the Company

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in an interview is appearing unprepared. Try googling the company or the interviewer before coming in. You can actually impress your interviewer with your knowledge and show how excited you are to work for the company.

4. Come Early

Being on time is one of the most important interview tips to keep in mind when going in for an interview. If you are unfamiliar with the building of your interview, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to find your meeting spot, fix your hair and take one last look at your notes.

5. Leave the Starbucks in the Car

While you might need that quick caffeine boost pre-interview, leave any food or beverages in the car. You don’t want to accidentally spill anything or create a bad smell in the office. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about messing up your beat face or having food in your teeth.


6. Make Your Resumé Come To Life

Make sure to visit the Younkin Success Center before submitting your application. They will go through your resumé and help you make the best one. As an undergraduate, your resumé generally shouldn’t be more than one page.

7. Use Your Resumé as a Guideline

During the hiring process, recruiters look through hundreds of resumés. With this in mind, use your resumé as a guideline while answering questions. This is one of the easiest ways to seem prepared and can help you combat any nerves.

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8. Fake It

Confidence is the most attractive quality in any candidate. Even if you aren’t entirely sure what the recruiter is looking for, remember that you were good enough to land an interview in the first place. Continue to impress the company just like you would on a first date.

9. Always Have a Question Prepared

Once again, you want to create the best impression possible. If there are multiple students of similar backgrounds applying for the same position, your end-of-interview question could differentiate you from other candidates.

10. Send a Follow Up

Even if the original position you applied for is filled, a follow-up can still help you land a job. You can call, email, or mail in a letter. Remember to thank your interviewer for their time and remind them why you want to work for their company.


Were these interview tips helpful in your interview process? Let us know down below!

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