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How To Be The Best Intern Ever

How To Be The Best Intern Ever

If you have landed an internship with a company that you would love to eventually work for full-time, then you probably want to make sure you do whatever you can to stand out and prove your worth. As a college student, you should grab every opportunity that you are given and make the best of it…and this includes your internship. Instead of solely taking your internship as a time to build your skills and learn new things (do that too, of course), go out of your way to be the BEST intern ever – who knows what that extra effort could lead to!

1. Show your commitment and dedication.

On the first day of your internship, it’s a good idea to arrive a little early. This means, have a plan “B” for getting there, in case of the emergency. Now that you’re off to a good start – keep it going and show up on time every, single day. You’re also going to want to dress the part. Don’t roll out of bed, jump in your car and go. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and look presentable. Combined, these two things immediately show your boss that you are taking this internship seriously and are fully committed to being the best intern that you can be.

2. Bring a planner!

When I tell you to bring your planner, I mean bring it! Having a planner will not only keep you organized throughout your internship, but prove to your boss that you are taking notes and actively trying to stay on top of everything. As planner girl myself, I always have my planner with me – it helps me stay productive and complete all the tasks that I need to get done each day. If you don’t like using a physical planner, try downloading an app on your phone – just make sure your boss knows this is the case so they don’t think you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed all day.


3. Treat your internship like it’s your dream job.

The only way you can be the best intern ever is if you genuinely want to be there. Treat the internship like it’s a real job, in fact, treat it like it’s your absolute dream job and you want to do the best that you can (even if that means you’re fetching coffee with a huge smile on your face). Showing a passion towards your internship and the company is the one thing that will move you forward in your career.

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4. Ask for feedback.

You’re going to want to know if the work you are putting in and the effort you are applying to your internship is actually paying off. So, if no one approaches you with feedback, ASK! When you do speak with your supervisor, you will be nervous, but don’t sweat it too much. They are there to help, and to ultimately improve your skills and abilities. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They let you know what you need to work on – and guess what – that’s awesome! Now you know exactly what to focus on to make yourself the best intern ever!


5. Network.

Be social. Go out of your comfort zone. Talk to everyone! I mean, how can you expect to be the best intern ever if no one even knows you exist! Seriously, these are the people that could potentially determine your future job or career plan – so take advantage of this. Ask people questions, be friendly, and more importantly – be you.
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