Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration

There’s a large stigma around social media and how it can sometimes be very toxic to your mindset. Instagram is a platform filled with so much energy either positive or negative, right at our fingertips. We’ve all been there before, comparing ourselves to the photos others choose to share with the world. But, we have to remember that it’s the highlights of people’s lives we are looking at. It’s important to fill your mind with inspiring people or pages, because we spend a lot of our time now on social media. Here some of the best Instagram pages out there to help inspire you!


This Instagram page is filled from bottom to top with many inspirational stories to help you through the tough times of relationships, your spirituality, wellness, and more. This page gives you thought-provoking quotes and stories that leave you really thinking.

If you’re looking for a page that can help break open your mind and leave you with questions to ask yourself, this is the page to follow. @risingwoman also provides coaching courses that can help with healing your relationships.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This goddess keeps it real through her writings of deep and intriguing captions, as well as her profoundly beautiful poetry. She has two published books of her poetry that has helped thousands all over the world. Allie’s Instagram page represents the inner work she’s done and reflects it into her photos.

Each time I have read a caption or something she’s written, I found myself saying, “Oh wow, I feel exactly like that” or “Yes!” like a light-bulb clicked on. Even in her youth, she radiates wisdom we can all gain from.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


Lynette’s Instagram page is full of inspiring quotes and captions. She shows through her pictures a free-spirited woman that values inner and outer growth. She displays that sisterhood is sacred and that we, as women should show up for each other.

It’s this powerful energy that women need in there lives. We need to uplift each other more, instead of being in constant competition with each other. We need to surround ourselves with others who believe in our goals and who support us. Lynette is an inspiration to many, you cannot go wrong with the insight she spreads!

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This wild goddess’ Instagram page is another one worth following. She has held many retreats, and her and her partner have created a space where the message of sex is for the right of freedom of expression, and promoting love and intimate connection with exploration.

Her posts allow you to dig deep into your inner self and create an awareness about your self-expression and tap into your sexual side. She is an inspiration to thousands who look to her for guidance in yoga, sexuality, and more.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This beautiful woman not only creates profoundly beautiful YouTube videos, she inspires people all around the world to stick up for what they believe in. A town she loved because of the untouched nature was going to be turned into a wind turbine farm and she fought to keep them from proceeding with their plans.

She believes and cares so deeply about the world around her, that it shows within her videos and photos. You can’t help but feel her energy exuding through each picture she posts.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


Natacha’s Instagram page is filled with countless inspiration for working out. She posts photos and videos of workouts she does so that others can do them too! They are killer, trust me! But so worth it! She shows that with hard work you can accomplish your goals, which is such a realistic concept many need to here today.

She keeps it fun and real in her photos and her YouTube video as well. If you follow her, I guarantee she’ll inspire you to get up and get your body moving right now!

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This beautiful woman’s Instagram page is chockfull with inspiration! She promotes the importance of self-love and growth through “reminding you of your highest potential, purpose & power”.

She provides insights to her revelations to help guide others who may be on a similar journey. She is a yoga teacher and author, who offers workshops and events for people to come together to learn, grow and expand their awareness.

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Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This Instagram page is pure magic when it comes to providing you with inspiration! A page based on astrology, @spiritdaughter provides insights on the changes within our planets, moons, and horoscope signs. This page is full of short quotes that are captivating and stimulating for the mind.

This page also features amazing artwork that brings awareness to your spirituality in an aesthetically pleasing way. She provides workbooks for the horoscopes and to attune to the moon. You can get print or digital ones, which give you information on the current moon phase and activities to complete within phase.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


Annie’s Instagram page is a perfect space for gaining inspiration. She promotes such a strong energy through her photos and art. She has created overwhelmingly stunning artwork that has spoken to many people from around the world.

She has written interactive books that allow you to tap into your inner-self and expand your consciousness through manifestation and the law of attraction. Through her travels and her exploration in nature, it has guided her to create what others see as their inspiration to better themselves.

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration


This gorgeous yogi shines her inner light outwards into her practice and to her photos. She hosts yoga retreats to allow others who are on their yoga journey to become certified teachers and to expand and open their minds.

She shares her most positive self and insights to thousands who follow her. She has yoga videos where you can follow along with her and reap the benefits from her positivity!

Best Instagram Pages To Follow For Inspiration

Instagram is a place we go to for sharing, learning, and most importantly inspiration! Filling your feed with positive and inspiring pages is so important for your mindset. Here are some Instagram pages worth following for all of that and more! Comment below some of your favorites!

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