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20 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow To Upgrade Your Feed

20 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow To Upgrade Your Feed

The best Instagram accounts to follow are aesthetically pleasing, informative, helpful, or funny, at least for me. I know that keeping in touch with people is a wonderful piece of being on Instagram, but I just don’t think that the best Instagram accounts to follow are all of your high school classmates that you don’t even talk to anymore. I feel like that’s what Facebook is for, or even LinkedIn. You know, for keeping tabs on people. Instagram, on the other hand, is more fun, or at least it can be. I like to infuse my feed with art, fashion, culture, dance, design, comedy, politics, or any other number of entertaining aspects of life. If you want to do the same, check out some of the best Instagram accounts to follow to upgrade your feed.

1. @bleubird

Miss James runs the @bleubird account and is a long time favorite lady of mine, which obviously makes it one of the best Instagram accounts to follow! She is the ultimate cool, young mom with four very cool kids. Most posts are about home, cooking, fashion, and beauty products, and she hits that indie-type fix perfectly. She is beautiful, strong, opinionated, and seems to have it all together, but at the same time, she is down-to-earth and relaxed.


2. @lex.weinstein

This surfer babe lives in Hawaii and posts the most amazing lifestyle pics. From surf to earth to vacation style, Lex has you covered. After browsing through one of the best Instagram accounts to follow, you’ll probably start asking yourself why you don’t live in Hawaii, too; I know I’ve asked myself this question plenty of times. Beautiful, athletic, and laid-back, @lex.weinstein is total goals!

3. @kathryn_davey

Kathryn Davey naturally dyes textiles in Dublin, Ireland and sells various socks, hats, and other knitwear. Although I encourage you to shop @kathryn_davey, I also love just following the account and having really cute pics of socks and natural dyes show up on my feed! There is a wonderful earthiness to it, which I think naturally counteracts the typical and exhausting digital-ness of social media. A much needed little window into a simpler life, at least for those who aren’t living it.



One of the best Instagram accounts to follow for cool, minimalistic interior design aesthetics is This account does not allow you to buy objects directly from Instagram, but they do have physical boutique stores if you are really into it. Following gives a nice home-y touch to your Instagram feed, and fills your scrolling with some good home decor ideas for your space that are grown-up and classy. A great way to cultivate the style of your future home!


5. @emilykreuger

Emily Kreuger is a super hot Canadian musician who absolutely rips on the guitar. Maybe it’s because I don’t play the guitar, but I am always thoroughly impressed by her skills and creativity. Although she’s somewhat new to the music scene with only one released album, the @emilykreuger Instagram presence is strong. I can always count on Emily to post aesthetically pleasing pics of her in cute outfits, while totally jamming out like I never could. I encourage you to check her out, and maybe you’ll want to get into her music, too.

6. @k__e__e__p

One of the best Instagram accounts for self-declared inspiration, @k__e__e__p has a beautiful aesthetic that will always give a breath of fresh air to your Insta feed. The many beautiful fashion and outfit inspiration pics are punctuated by curated home and jewelry inspiration, so you can curate your whole life with this account as inspiration! Thank me later.


7. @haus_of_lun

I feel like this is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow because it gives me so many escape and vacation fantasies. The collection of beautiful interior spaces and landscaped exteriors just feels so comforting and warm to look at. If you are a total home and garden slut like I am, you will absolutely fall in love with @haus_of_lun.


8. @tessvoelker

One of the best Instagram accounts to follow for artists and/or those interested in movement and dance aesthetics is @tessvoelker. This talented dancer reigning from the Netherlands delivers incredible artistry and fluidity. Real, beautiful, and exceptional, Tess’s many movement videos are inspiring and hypnotizing to watch.

9. @lord_birthday

This comedic account delivers think pieces that are fresh and ripe with humor. Little animations accompany very funny list-style reflections and observations on life and living that are slightly depressing, but comforting and uplifting all at the same time. The best part of @lord_birthday might be that there are cool t-shirts to be purchased and worn.


10. @kat_reynolds

Another beautiful Hawaiian lifestyle account, @kat_reynolds is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for a crisp and clean island lifestyle aesthetic. With lots of landscapes, plants, and surfing, you might start to feel like you’re on vacation, if only for a moment. A relaxing way to scroll Instagram is definitely through beaches, waves, and everything else you love about your vacation lifestyle.


11. @thompsonstreetstudio

If you haven’t seen these cult classic patchwork quilts, you have to check them out now. The beautiful piecework of these quilts is colorful, creative, and reminiscent of stained glass. Although you might have thought of quilts as stale grandma tokens before, after browsing through @thompsonstreetstudio you will want a quilt of your own to cuddle up in. I love seeing this kind of artistry when I’m scrolling through my Insta, so naturally I think this is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow.

12. @farmlifeiceland

A heartwarming Instagram account almost entirely dedicated to cute pictures of sheep, @farmlifeiceland is run by Pálína Axelsdóttir Njarðvík and is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for the sweet relief of cute animal pics. Pastoral and picturesque, Pálína’s account will have you wishing that you lived on a farm and raised sheep in Iceland, too.


13. @jessicaolie

Jessica Olie is a gorgeous fitness and yoga influencer, as a well as a business woman. Although @jessicaolie is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow for amazing pics of yoga poses, workout recommendations, and to be thoroughly impressed by Jessica’s commitment and strength, what I love the most about this account is actually her little pieces of advice. Sure, sometimes she can be ‘basic,’ but some of the things she says really resonate with me, and I’m sure that some things will resonate with you, too.


14. @beninmadrid

A collection of strange and intriguing art, @beninmadrid‘s posts always make me stop and think for a moment whilst furiously scrolling through Instagram. I appreciate this little mind diversion from the ongoing consumption that can be an Instagram binge, and I think that you will, too. Even if you don’t like the art, it’s still nice to see what’s going on in the world from an artistic standpoint, which makes this one of the best Instagram accounts to follow to upgrade your feed.

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15. @studio.nom

@studio.nom is the account of an incredible artist and a maker of fibre art and wall hangings that will have your home decor loving heart drooling. The beautiful craftsmanship is hard to resist on your feed or on your wall, and the soft textiles adds nice, comforting textures to your little digital screen.

16. @kamperett

For more aesthetically pleasing outfit and fashion inspiration, check out @kamperett. Soft, flowy, feminine, and grounded, this Instagram account is the epitome of aesthetic Instagram goals. Did I mention that it’s the Instagram account for ethically made fashion in California that you can purchase?


17. @meliissalingo

Melissa Lingo is a folk singer-songwriter who reminds me of birds and nature and everything else wholesome and good. Her voice is dreamy and angelic, and her aesthetic is definitely goal worthy. I know I’m not alone when I say I love having little bits of beautiful music flowing through my feed! I highly recommend giving @meliissalingo a listen and a follow.


18. @bijouhome_

For out of this world, fantasy inspired interiors and home decor, @bijouhome_ can’t be beat. Honestly, I’m not even sure how much of this account is real and how much is literally the fantasy of Photoshop. Either way, it doesn’t matter! This is one of the best Instagram accounts to follow purely for the imagination and dreamy aesthetic. It feels exactly like a fancy daydream.

19. @latonyayvette

Brooklyn based mom @latonyayvette posts beautiful home and lifestyle photos of life in NYC. She’s known for her colorful and fun aesthetic, and has a great book published called Woman of Color. I love the upbeat, family oriented nature of her account, but also her sincerity and style!


20. @botanical_threads

Alicia Hall is a plant dyer, which is someone who uses all natural plant dyes. She runs @botanical_threads as an aesthetically pleasing representation of her work and it is full of color. Although she isn’t (currently) selling and of the things she dyes, you can purchase her plant dyeing materials to get you started on your own plant dyeing adventures!


What do you think the best Instagram accounts to follow are, and why? Let us know some of your favorite artists, influencers, and accounts below!

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