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The 10 Best Inexpensive Makeup Brands You Can Get Online

The 10 Best Inexpensive Makeup Brands You Can Get Online

If you love cheap high quality makeup, then these are the best inexpensive makeup brands for that! Some drugstore, some not! This is the top makeup to get!

Let’s face it, as college students we don’t always have a lot of money to throw around on high end makeup brands; and in our world of beauty gurus and all of their various endorsements, it can be hard to know what makeup is going to give you the best bang for your buck. So in order to help save your precious pay checks, here are the 10 best inexpensive makeup brands that you need to add to your makeup bag.



ColourPop is an amazing online brand that has the best and most affordable makeup out there. They are constantly having sales, free shipping and new releases. They are famous for their liquid lipsticks and super shock shadows, but their eye shadow pallets and highlighters are a must have. Single eye shadows and lippies range from $5-$7 and their palettes ring in at a super affordable $16. If you haven’t paid colourpop a visit yet, you better click on over there ASAP! (side note: for the holiday season, they are selling their holiday collection at Sephora!



Winky Lux

Winky Lux is one of the most trendy makeup brands on the market but without the price tag. Every product features a unique packaging and an adorable concept. The flower balms have a real flower in the middle, the whipped cream primer reminds you of an ice cream cone and the kitten palette is just pure cuteness. Most products are under $20 but the quality and packaging alone make for an incredible value.



e.l.f is a very close second when it comes to the best inexpensive makeup brands. This brand can be found at any drug store and is so affordable. In recent months and years, e.l.f has begun to release newer, better quality products and I am here for it. All of my makeup brushes are from e.l.f, and I never go out of the house without first using their blemish control primer. Most e.l.f products don’t surpass $10, and the variety of  items they have available is unbeatable. (e.l.f stands for eyes lips face, in case you were curious)



Maybelline is an amazing cheap makeup brand. They offer a wide variety of products for extremely affordable prices. In fact, most of their products are under $10! I have yet to truly find a Maybelline product that I didn’t like. My personal favorite product is the Fit Me! Foundation. They offer it in a dewy & smooth or a matte & poreless finish. I swear by this foundation, and get this…it’s only $6.00!!!




L’Oreal is on the more expensive side when it comes to drugstore products, but those few extra dollars are so worth it in the end. Now that I am using their Voluminous Original Mascara and Primer, my lashes have never looked so good, and the best part is that I can buy both the mascara and the primer for about $10 depending on tax and what store I go to. They make great makeup, from their foundation and concealer, to their eye shadow and liner, you can never go wrong with L’Oreal.


 Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild has upped its game. When I was younger, I can vividly remember purchasing their nail polish at the dollar store, and now their products are key components in some of my go to makeup looks. Their highlighters are stunning, and are definitely one of my favorite products. An added bonus, they also keep the majority of their products under $10!




I discovered Essence on a whim at Ulta a few years ago. I found one of their liquid lipsticks in the clearance section and fell in love. My current favorite product of theirs is their eyebrow pencil. I’m not one for super extreme eyebrows, but I do like to have mine look polished before leaving the house. Some of their products can be slightly more expensive than other brands, but Ulta often sells them for Buy 1 get One 50% off, so that usually makes up for it.



New York Color

New York Color used to be huge, but in recent years they’ve been pushed aside. Personally, I don’t use many of their products, but I could not live without their liquid eyeliner. I have been using their liquid eyeliner for close to 5 years and I have yet to find another one that works as well. Almost all of their products are under $10, and if you’re in the mood to experiment with your beauty regimen, I highly recommend checking them out.



CoverGirl was the brand of my very first makeup products. For a long time it was the makeup both my mom and I swore by. CoverGirl products often get mixed reviews, you either love it or you hate it. Also, some of their products can be a little bit pricey for a ‘non-high end brand’. Overall, I still like a lot of their products, and personally think that they have an amazing BB Cream and setting powder! I also hear that people really like their mascara as well.

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I absolutely love NYX, the only reason that it isn’t at the very top of my list is because it often is out of my price range. Their eye shadow and lipstick are some of my all time favorite products to use. If you happen to be purchasing at the right time, when a sale is going on, you can usually get killer deals. My go to eye shadow palette at the moment was actually a free one I received from Ulta for my birthday in August, and it is a NYX palette. I haven’t stopped using it since, and I am going to be very sad when I’ve used it completely.




The only reason that Milani is at the bottom of the best inexpensive makeup brands list, is because I have only used their liquid lipstick. They are a great dupe for some of Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks. I have heard great things about the rest of their products as well, I just haven’t ever tried any of them. From what I know and have experienced, they make a pretty affordable alternative to some of the super high-end makeup brands out their right now.


Makeup, for the most part, is all a matter of opinion. Yes, some makeup is better quality, or does certain things for certain skin types, but overall, it’s up to you to decide how much money you want to spend, and what kind of makeup you’re going to spend it on. I hope you enjoyed this list of the best inexpensive makeup brands, Happy Shopping!


What would you consider to be some of the best inexpensive makeup brands? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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