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Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day

Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day

Rainy days happen, and while you may wish you had the ability to control the weather those clouds are not going to disappear just because you will them to. Just because your plans may have been derailed due to Mother Nature, rain doesn’t mean your day is ruined. Rainy days are a great excuse to relax and take some time for yourself, so here are some great indoor activities for you!

1. Curl up and read a book

Rainy days are the perfect time to start that book you have been meaning to read. Whether it’s with a hardcover book or on a Kindle, the sound of raindrops against your window will set the mood for reading. So, grab a blanket and snuggle up on the couch or under your bed covers and immerse yourself within the pages of another world.

As an extra treat put on some easy listening background music and make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm you up as you settle in for the day.

Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day

2. Go on a baking spree

If you’re going to be inside all day, why not take the opportunity to do some baking. Baking is a great way to pass the time, pull out the flour and start on a pie, or mix some batter for homemade cookies. Brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls, you can find all sorts of easy recipes online to make with the ingredients you have at home.

Not only will baking result in plenty of delicious treats for you and your friends (If you choose to share with them), but it also helps to pass the time as you’ll be focusing on the task at hand. So don’t be surprised when you look up from your oven to find dozens of freshly baked treats on the cooling rack waiting to be eaten! 

Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day

3. Hold a movie marathon

Pop some popcorn, pour a tall glass of your preferred drink and que up your favorite movies because it’s time for some binge-watching! Log onto your Netflix/Hulu account, or go old school and pull out those dusty DVDs from the shelf to enjoy a day on the couch getting into the big screen.

Warm yourself up with some feel-good comedies, get your blood pumping with an action or thriller, or bring a box of tissues for a heart wrenching romantic drama. If you’re not a movie person then pull up your favorite series or start a new one. With streaming services available on nearly every device there are thousands of options to choose from all at the tips of your fingers.

Best Indoor Activities For A Rainy Day

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4. Have a game day

If you’re stuck inside with some family members or friends, then consider hosting a game tournament. Bust out the board games and test the bonds your friendship with a few rounds of Uno or a game of Monopoly. Decide who amongst you is indeed the worst human being with Cards Against Humanity or sit and watch the world burn by hosting a Mario Kart tournament and watch your friends fall off Rainbow Road and Blue Shell each other to claim first place.

The more competitive the players the more fun it is and you can add some spice to the tournament by creating all sorts of whacky punishments for first place. Eat a spoonful of hot sauce, send an embarrassing picture of yourself to your sibling, or wax some body hair for every loss. Get your game on!

5. Arts and crafts

Pull out a paint set or some modeling clay and enjoy a day of arts and crafts. The best thing about art is that the inspiration and imagination are all yours as the artist. Create an abstract masterpiece or a detailed drawing that takes realism to the next level. Craft jewelry or rearrange and decorate your indoor succulent garden.

Let your artistic spirit run free and enjoy a day of creativity.

Which rainy day activity sounds most appealing to you? Leave a comment down below!

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