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Best Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations

Best Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations

With the wonderful season of Fall fully upon us, it is time to reflect on the year, look at the beautiful environment, and make plans for what is coming up next! It’s exciting to look back on the good things with friends and family during the holiday season. This wonderful holiday is what we all know as Thanksgiving!

Often for the celebration of thanksgiving, families come together and have a beautiful dinner! There are so many things that go into preparing for such a big dinner, which can easily make the whole celebration quite overwhelming. Picking out decorations for the dinner can be just as stressful!

With that being said, here are the best ideas for Thanksgiving dinner decorations!


Message Board

First on our list of thanksgiving dinner decorations is a message board! This is an interesting, innovative, and inclusive decoration that everyone involved in your thanksgiving dinner would highly appreciate. All you have to do is create a message board and put some Autumn leaves on it, and leave it out on display near where everyone will gather.

The goal is for people to put in what they are thankful for on the little paper leaves, completing the beautiful thanksgiving decoration. You have plenty of wiggle room when it comes to how you want the message board to look, and you can even end up framing it if you like!

Best Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations


Thanksgiving Wreath

Nothing says welcome and happy thanksgiving like a beautiful wreath on your front door. You don’t even have to make it using real leaves, as it will look amazing either way. Similar to the message board, they give your guests that feeling of being included and that they are truly welcome into your home on such a beautiful occasion!

They are quite easy to make, so you do not have to buy them from a store. Bonus points if your wreath can say “happy thanksgiving!” or “give thanks,” or anything of the like. It will allow for your guests to feel very welcome, and gives off that great thanksgiving vibe that everyone would love to feel during the special holiday!


Thanksgiving Card Tray

Similar to the message board, this gives off a welcoming and inviting sense to all your Thanksgiving dinner guests!

They are extremely easy to make, as you can use paper or cardboard to give that authentic Fall vibe to the cards. You can write seasonal greetings on them, or use them as placeholders for the guests if you are hosting a larger dinner! Either way, a Thanksgiving card tray is an amazing idea and will make your holiday dinner so much more fun and exciting. They will also prove to be an exciting activity for all the kids involved, so it is a win-win scenario to have the cards as decorations for this holiday.

Cuffed Vases

These are beautiful decorations you can add directly to your thanksgiving dinner table! They enhance the setting you are trying to create, and just look so lovely!


You fill medium-sized cylinder vases with nuts (or acorns, pinecones, etc.) and flowers. Your imagination is the limit here, as you can use whichever flowers you like, and add any branches you feel will put your love for the season on full display!

You can place the vase(s) right on the table, or put it on a tray as well if you’d like, as it is all down to personal preference. No matter where you choose to place it, it will look great, and will draw the attention of all your dinner guests!

Best Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations


Acorn Tree

This is imaginative, and one of the best Thanksgiving dinner decorations you can possibly have! Turn regular acorns into one of the most beautiful dinner decorations imaginable, just by adding some coatings of paint!

They become ornament-type decorations, and you just hang them off a D0-It-Yourself tree made up of some branches and twigs. It is quite easy to do but takes some time perfecting the look. However, when done properly, they look great, and all your guests will surely compliment how intriguing the acorn tree looks!

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Pumpkin Basket

You cannot have a Thanksgiving dinner without the iconic ambassador of the wonderful season of fall: pumpkins! Whether or not you decide to make pumpkin-themed meals for your dinner is up to you, but having pumpkin decorations is a must! They look great, and add to the atmosphere of the dinner, making it more enjoyable, and intricate for your guests.

You can make this “basket” the centerpiece on your dinner table, as it will surely draw lots of attention. You can decorate it however you like, and either carve it to represent something you and your guests love, or hollow the pumpkin and put a candle in the middle!


No matter which way you go, the end result will look great, and it is most definitely worth your time and effort!

Flowers Under Glass

Last, but definitely not least, are flowers under glass! This is one of the more unique Thanksgiving dinner decorations out there, as you do not see them quite often. They are extremely easy to make; all you need to do is to turn over some unused wine or champagne glasses, and put some beautiful flowers under them!


Put them on top of a nice looking decorative tray, and place them as a centerpiece for your dinner table! They look great and show just how crazy your imagination really is.

While they are not as difficult to make as the other decorations on this list, they will definitely warranty many compliments, as just looking at the beautiful flowers adds to the overall setting of the dinner, making the Thanksgiving experience much more complete!

You should definitely give them a look!


Best Ideas For Thanksgiving Dinner Decorations

These are the best ideas for Thanksgiving dinner decorations! Let us know in the comments which decorations you plan on using for this upcoming Thanksgiving, and what why you love them so much!

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