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Best Ice Cream Shops In Chicago To Visit For The Summer

Best Ice Cream Shops In Chicago To Visit For The Summer

Summer in Chicago like no other in the world. Ice cream is the signature treat for the summer because it is keeps you cool in the hot weather. Chicago is one of those cities that has unique shops in literally every part of the city. You will be able to enjoy a gorgeous and beautiful city with delicious food.

The summer is the perfect season for exploring the city because you will be able to discover what is out there. Ice cream shops are perfect for when you want to enjoy something tasty, full of flavor, and is delicious. 

What is great about ice cream shops is that you can try several flavor. The summer is the perfect time for enjoying a delicious cup of ice cream. Ice cream shops in Chicago are known for being interesting for having their own theme.


In case you are new to the city here are a list of ice cream shops in Chicago to visit for the summer.

Original Rainbow Cone

This ice cream shop is perfect for when you want to get an ice cream cone while visiting Navy Pier. This ice cream shop is super convenient because you can enjoy a beautiful view while enjoying a delicious treat. What makes this ice cream shop unique are its saturated colored ice cream.

The name of the ice shop speaks for itself there are several different flavored ice cream with different colors. You can mix and match the cones with several flavors and not just one. 


Black Dog Gelato

Black dog gelato is the perfect ice cream for when want something that is different. The ice cream that is served at this shop is unique because it is made by the artisanal gelato-making. This ice cream shop’s owner was inspired by living in Italy to make gelato shop.

Ice cream at this ice cream shop is perfect for its unique flavor. So if you are in the area definitely checkout this ice cream shop. For sure if you are someone who enjoys gelato then this will be the shop where can come. 



Bombobar is known for its deliciously sweet treats. Bombobar is known for its hot chocolate that has donuts and sprinkles. Bombobar is definitely a shop where you can get a delicious treats that are sweet and different. Bombobar’s ice cream can be a perfect place to go with friend to have fun.

Bombobar is perfect place to visit not just during the winter but during the summer as well. This cup of ice cream can be enjoyed with sprinkles or donuts. So if you come to Bombobar be prepared for something super sweet.

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Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

Cone gourmet ice cream is known for its ice cream with cereal. Ice cream can be personalized so that it can be combined with any cereal. This ice cream shop is known for its retro vibes that make the shop interesting. You will be able to enjoy from ice cream cones in a cute retro shop.


At this ice cream shop you can add sprinkles cereal to make your cone as extravagant as possible. Or you can add both, it really is up to you.

Ice cream cones are what makes the summer an extremely enjoyable time. If you are in the city you will definitely have to come to one of these shops. Once you are at these shops you can feel free to try out new things. You will definitely not have ice cream like in any other place in the world.


Chicago is the best city in the world where you can enjoy from a delicious treat. Let us know which of these ice cream shops you decided to try out.

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