5 Best Ice Cream Combinations At Spill The Beans In Clemson

Okay lets get real for a minute. The world revolves around good ice cream (or at least mine does). Like if you don’t like ice cream are you really human? I say no. Thankfully Clemson is home to ONE OF THE BEST ice cream shops ever, Spill the Beans. I know the name makes it sound more like it would be known for coffee than ice cream, but it’s actually just the opposite. So, in honor of this beloved shop that I could spend all my money at, here are the 5 Best Ice Cream Combinations at Spill the Beans in Clemson.

1. The Samoa Cookie

This delectable treat is perfect if you just ran out of your last box of Girl Scout Cookies because it tastes just like a Samoa! Just ask for chocolate ice cream with caramel, cookie, and two graham crackers and you’ll be one happy camper.

2. The Red Velvet Valentine’s Special

Ugh thinking about this combo is literally making my mouth water. This is pretty much what I ate every day after work in February. Who needs a boyfriend when you have ice cream that will love you forever? Ask the barista for vanilla ice cream with red velvet mix and the cream cheese icing. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, forget the cream cheese icing.

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3. For The Person Who Is Trying To Stay Relatively Healthy

Whenever my sister comes to visit me I always take her to Spill the Beans. She’s the type who eats so healthy it makes me gag (but I mean good for her). So while she still treats herself to a scoop she opts for the chocolate frozen yogurt with brownie bits and granola. Not going to lie it is pretty damn good.

4. Peach Cobbler

This combination is so cute and summery, how could you not love it?

5. The Bavarian’s Reese’s Cup

Shout out to my good friend Jesse for this recommendation. This combo consists of chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and pretzel swirled in. What more could you possibly want?

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Next time you’re in Clemson be sure to stop by, you really don’t want to miss this!

These are the 5 best ice cream combinations at Spill the Beans from one Clemson student, what are some of your other favorite combos? Share yours in the comments below!
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