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5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

When it comes to pre-drinks, we all sometimes just get a bit lazy and just buy the cheapest cider.

Why not live a little and opt for some of these simple and delicious homemade cocktails recipes?

If you’re feeling generous, you could even make a big batch and serve it in a large bowl for your friends if you’re hosting!

Here are 5 simple and homemade cocktail recipes perfect for pre-drinks!

1. Perfect Peachy Bellini!

Bellini’s are one of the most simple and delicious cocktails out there, and are usually composed of peach puree and champagne/sparkling wine or Prosecco. To create, simply grab 2 ripe peaches, remove the stones and cut them up into small chunks. Put the peaches in a blender and blitz until they’re completely smooth. Alternatively, you can also use tinned peaches or pre-pureed peaches for this step! Scoop a small amount of the mixture into champagne flutes about a third of the way and top up the rest of the glass with your favourite sparkling wine or Prosecco. Make sure the sparkling wine (and glasses ideally) are chilled. Enjoy!

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

2. Sassy Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry Daiquiri’s are MUST for any cocktail enthusiast’s repertoire! These fruity homemade cocktails are perfect for summer, and even better for pre-drinks! All you need to complete this homemade recipe are strawberries, ice, rum and a lime! First, blend up about 500g of strawberries to make strawberry puree, and if you like a super smooth puree, run the mixture through a sieve to remove the little strawberry seeds. Then, blend the mix some lime juice (fresh or bottled, either is fine!), ice, and about 100ml-150ml of rum (depending on how strong you like it!). Separate the mixture into martini glasses and top with lime if you like – for a bit of extra zest! Perfection!

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

3. Feel Hip With A Cosmopolitan!

This is probably the simplest recipe in this list! All you need to make these delicious homemade cocktails are some vodka (about 120ml), orange liqueur, cranberry juice and a lime! Using a jug to keep an eye on your measurements, add your vodka, then add your cranberry juice, have a quick sample to adjust how strong you like it. Finish by topping the mixture with orange liqueur and a dash of lime juice! Lovely!

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

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4. Energising White Russians 

Probably the most decadent and treat-worthy cocktail on this list, the White Russian is a classic! Perfect for if you need a bit of extra energy, this homemade recipe will provide you with that delicious coffee-kick! To make, simply grab a short whisky glass and fill about half-way with ice, add about 50ml of your favourite vodka, and around 20-25ml of coffee flavoured liqueur. If this suits you, you can stir and enjoy as is, but for a bit of extra flair, feel free to add a bit of whipped cream and caramel sauce to the top of the glass! What a treat! 

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

5. Perfectly Pink Gin Spritz

The last cocktail on this list is a newer creation, but definitely one to add to the homemade cocktails list of favourites! Gin has taken off in the past couple years, and has quickly become a girl’s best friend. This refreshing and scrumptious recipe is definitely set to become a classic, perfect for girl’s night! To create, simply grab a large gin glass and pour in around 50ml of your favourite Pink Gin, then add 50ml of flavoured tonic water (we recommend berry or lemon to make it extra refreshing!), then finally, top up with 50ml of your favourite sparkling wine or Prosecco! For extra garnish, add some fresh strawberries! The girls will love you for this one!

5 Best Homemade Cocktails Perfect for Pre-drinks

So those were our 5 best homemade cocktails that are just perfect for predrinks! Have you got any other delicious recipes you’d like to share? Share this article and leave a comment with some of your favourites!

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