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Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

If you are used to living in the Midwest you would know how useful home remedies. Home remedies are useful because they can be practical, affordable, and easy to make. A cold is something that can be easily recovered from but it can really make someone feel dizzy, feverish, or simply feel like their day is dragging by. Everyone’s metabolism is different but it is always useful to know what are the things you can do to recover from a cold.

Cold medicine works only so well on certain people and it really come down to how you individual body works. Everyone’s body is built differently, the defenses are different and our metabolism reflects work differently. There are things that are known to help combat colds, things that help built more white cells which improve the immune system. Food with citric acid like oranges and lemons help combat colds because they have vitamin C.

Home remedies are easy to make and it’s ridiculous how effective they are. Things that you would prepare at home can work just as well as a cold cough medicine you would get at a department store. Only thing is that most people do not know about what home remedies to make when recovering from a cold.

Here are some of the best home remedies to help combat a cold.

Honey in tea with lemon.

Lemon is the perfect food to help combat cold because it is extremely high in citric acid. Honey is very sweet and dense in texture with allows it to help with sore throats. Hot or warm tea also helps with sore throats so when mixed with honey and lemons can create a drink that can work as a remedy for colds.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey.

As an alternative for lemons you can use lemon juice for the tea that works as a cold remedy. Lemon juice might be easier to mix in with tea as lemon slices would. Either way the tea itself has essentially the exact same ingredient just in a different way.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Gargling warm sea salt water.

Sea salt water works perfectly when trying to get over a sore throat. Sore throat are the worst when you are trying to get through your work day especially if you are required to talk a lot. Gargling warm sea salt water helps with diminishing side affects from cold of which sore throats is the most fixable.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold


Garlic is a food that has a lot of allicin. Allicin is an antibacterial, anti fugal, and antiviral food that can surprising help prevent and get rid of a cold.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

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Cinnamon, honey and tea.

Cinnamon, honey and tea are ingredients that work perfectly fine in order to improve a cold. This honey remedy is insanely easy to prepare you practically do not have to do anything else except make this tea.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider, honey and lemon juice are the ingredients you would need to make this apple cider honey drink.

Best Home Remedies To Help With A Cold

Colds can really make things more hectic for the person that is trying to recover from them. Going through the cold can be an entire process that does not have to take much time. These remedies can be sometimes more effective cold medicines so you should try these out. You can make these cold remedies yourself or simply pass on the recipe to someone you know that has a cold.

These home remedies are easy to make and you can find these ingredients literally in your refrigerator. Colds are something that come and go but should have to be a constant struggle. Hope these home remedies help you with your cold.

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