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Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

Stress happens when we pile too much stuff into our daily lives without giving ourselves a due break. We have to learn how and when to take the time to de-stress. That being said, I will take you through a few hobbies to reduce stress.

First and foremost, drop the gadgets! 

1. Journaling 

Ever wrote so furiously with passion that your hand started remembering the longest essay or picture you’ve ever created? Yeah, not really the same but the rush of relief you get from journaling is like a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Whenever I journal, its as if my mind is more clear and I understand exactly why I was feeling stressed and encourage myself through my words. Give it a try, you might be surprised. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

2. Puzzles

No better way to reduce stress than a mental exercise right? 

Of all the hobbies to reduce stress, working on a puzzle can be very beneficial to your mental stability. Working on a puzzle requires you to slow down and think through your next move. It also requires you to focus and concentrate on finding the right piece while your brain is working out whatever is troubling you. 

So why don’t you sit down and complete a 500 piece or 1,000 piece puzzle as it is one of the cheapest hobbies to reduce stress. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

3. Board Games

Board games, something competitive to get your mind off of the real world. Hobbies to reduce stress are meant to help you focus on something other than your troubles. Board games are a great solution to reducing stress. Now you can focus on beating your opponent in Monopoly or Battleship!

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

4. Coloring and Drawing 

Maybe you require something more chill, something to soothe your mind from that built-up stress. Coloring and drawing can be one of the most playful, yet satisfying hobbies to reduce stress. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

5. Exercising

Get those endorphins pumping through your body with a quick work out. Whether you’re going for a run, lifting some weights or just doing a very intense stretch, it is the first step in feeling better. If your mind is racing, try this destressing activity to get that positive feeling rushing through your body. You’ll be working on that important project right after because that rush is exhilarating. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

6. Yoga

Another exercising activity to release those endorphins. When you are stressed, you body holds tension in different areas of your body. This can cause you to feel tight and muscle aches which can lead to aches and pains. 

This exercise is one a long list of hobbies to reduce stress because of the tactics the practice employs. During yoga, you combine physical poses, with controlled breathing, followed by meditation, or some other relaxation tactic. Try one yoga lesson and let me know how it goes. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

7. Explore New Music

When you’re in a mood, listening to music can give you just the juice you need. Going through your playlist, you will find the same songs with the best melodies and lyrics that seem to speak directly to your spirit. This is fun and all, but how about you explore different music to change up the tempo. 

Often times we go back to those same songs because of the nostalgic feeling we are doused, though only has us cycling through the same feelings over and over again. That song that used to have you feeling empowered now has you thinking about those negative memories.  Nothing changes. Switching it up a bit can work wonders on your mood. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

8. Spend Time With A Pet

Have you thought about getting an emotional support pet? Having someone there with you that cannot judge you, well to the best of your knowledge can be such a relief. ESAs are used to combat anxiety because it serves a distraction as they require constant care and attention.

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If you aren’t able to get a pet right now, no worries because you can always go to a pet pound to spend time with some furry animals. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

9. Read (A Book, Magazine, etc.)

Enter a world of new imaginations with every flip of the page. Reading has a way of grabbing hold of your focus and pulling you into the world it revolves around. This gives you the opportunity to relieve your mind from the chaos it is experiencing for something more creative and mentally-engaging.

I would get lost in books for hours but those would be the best moments of my life. I was engaging with a book that was making me feel a whole spectrum of emotions with the contents of its pages. Sort through your mind with the book of your choice. You have many options, audiobooks, ebooks, or the traditional physical copy of a book, my all-time favorite. 

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

10. Gardening

Take some time to show your soil some affection by getting started on a garden. You could plant that flower you’ve always loved, but maybe never knew the name of. This project could send you on quite the research journey as you prepare to decorate your garden in a variety of plants. 

If a garden is not the best option for you, try getting a single plant to care for. Maybe a Succubus, which requires little attention.

Best Hobbies To Reduce Stress ASAP

11. Volunteer

Volunteering can drastically decrease your stress as it can put your mind at ease with the most tender acts of kindness you experience with the people you are helping and volunteering alongside. It also requires you to take on a cause, other than your personal life, for the sake of helping others. 

Knowing that you are helping someone can be very refreshing as it lets you accomplish something fulfilling without putting too much work or pressure on your shoulders. Happy volunteering you bleeding hearts! 

These hobbies to reduce stress will come in handy when exams or a major life event occurs. All of these hobbies require consistency and the most important ingredient, your attention. I know you’ve discovered some hobbies to reduce stress. Care to share? 

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